Monday, 28 January 2008

NHS Employers - you should be ashamed

NHS Employers have threatened Remedy UK with legal action, for what I hear you ask? For providing an excellent resource for doctors who are trying to find a job for this year. So NHS Employers is trying to restrict doctors' access to job information, how on earth is this in the best interests of patients?

It isn't. The only explanation is that NHS Employers are cretinous idiots of the highest order. The job application process this year has been an utter shambles, with very few jobs for thousands of highly skilled applicants. Applicants have found the process very stressful indeed as they have had to search high and low for hidden job advertisements, and then had to fill in numerous lengthy and verbose application forms while working long shifts at the same time.

Now NHS Employers are working against the interests of doctors and patients by preventing Remedy from helping doctors find out which jobs are on offer, it seems that the clunky NHS jobs website has been made to look a little outdated by Remedy's slick efforts:

"NHS Jobs, a key resource for job information is run by NHS Employers. From the makers of MTAS, the discredited application service used in 2007, comes another difficult to navigate and slow website. Remedy Jobs aimed to provide another route to navigate these jobs, with a simple chronological interface rather than a search engine requiring esoteric search terms to be used to access some jobs. This is achieved using an automatic web spider similar to that employed by Google. "

No wonder the NHS is in a mess, it is being run by a bunch of first class morons. Rather than thank Remedy for providing a valuable service, they are threatening them with legal action. This bunch of muppets have carried on from where they left off last year, they must be really proud of their achievements:

"This year is perhaps more disastrous than last year. Hundreds of members have reported problems accessing their web-mail from work. Application forms have been taken offline before closing dates have been reached. Application websites have been slow and unresponsive, echoing the experiences of MTAS 2007. Application forms submitted by email have been "lost"."


David L. Cox said...

Isn't NHS Employers the same group that brought us Sian Thomas, the lady who thinks mis-used, under-trained and out of work doctors are good for patients? (Ferret - 6th Jan).

Are they beyond simple commonsense? Do they have any compassion for the chaos inflicted on the juniors in the profession over the past 3 years?

Fight the fight Remedy - published and they'll be damned!

Anonymous said...

NHS reforms! Have a look at

It explains a lot