Saturday, 17 March 2007

Bring the ruckus

Today is the day of the March.

What a surprise that the 'independent' review panel has done absolutely bugger all. These cronies who are behind MMC and MTAS were never going to do anything more than chat a lot of hot air and make some mild changes to MTAS. This part of their pathetic statement sums it up for me:

"Deaneries across England have said that they have already interviewed many excellent doctors and that the new system is an improvement on the less structured nature of the old system. The GP recruitment continues to work very well with a record number of GPs being recruited into the NHS."

These people do not care that the whole selection process is unfair, deeply flawed and overtly corrupt. They have ignored what is happening on the ground, and they merely speak to the people they know will agree with themselves. They are downright scum. Have these absolute idiots seen how many consultants have withdrawn, how many consultants who have expressed concern and how many juniors who want to see the whole system scrapped. It is symptomatic of a medical dictatorship that never consults the profession on anything because it knows its own policies are deeply corrupt.

The JDC has also called for Prof Crockard's immediate resignation. An MMC spokesman declined to comment on the matter."

These people, who include Liam Donaldson and Alan Crockard (they do not deserve their titles in my view), do not show their faces in the media and they never subject themselves to public scrutiny. They are part of an increasingly shady and authoritarian regime that is happy to spin baseless propaganda as being good for us all, but they hide away from any questions and are never seen in public to explain themselves. Like their political mistress, Patricia Hewitt, they mysteriously go missing for weeks in times of crisis and will never appear in the media to justify their negligent errors.

March, march, march. Make these political stooges regret the day they sold their souls to the DoH mainframe. They are quaking in their boots as we speak.

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