Friday, 30 March 2007

Crockard resigns

The news that everyone knew was coming is out, Professor Alan Crockard has resigned. Here is an extract from his resignation speech:

'Manifestly, specialty training is an order of magnitude more complex than Foundation, but it became obvious that the MMC team¹s expertise was less used in planning of specialty rollout.'

'From my point of view, this project has lacked clear leadership from the top for a very long time.'

'I realise that the service must continue to allow patients to be treated and I know little of the law, but it seems to me basically unfair to advertise the possibility of four interviews and then suggest that these might not be honoured.Equally devastating would be the suggestion of some stakeholders, that the completed interviews be discarded and the process be rerun. I accept that in many areas and in many specialties, this round of recruitment and selection has been acceptable. But the overriding message coming back from the profession is that it has lost confidence in the current recruitment system.'

About time. I just hope that those above him including Patricia Hewitt and Liam Donaldson do the honourable thing next.

There is some very amusing comment here and here on this topic from a very imaginative blogger.

What are the implications here for MTAS? Crockard is openly admitting the system is unfair, and this certainly should not be ignored.

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