Saturday, 24 March 2007

Evidence of Lord Hunt lies

Lord Hunt from the House of Lords transcript:
"Let me make it clear that applications were scored only by doctors. "

This is not ambiguous, this statement leaves room for only one interpretation of events.

This following email has come to my attention:
Copy of E-mail from West Midlands DEanery to Birmingham Medical School:

"As you may know, the old junior doctor grades have been replaced by a new career structure, whereby postgraduate medics complete two foundation years, before applying for specialist training. This is the first year for recruitment to the new specialist training grades, and the Deanery, which processes the applications for the West Midlands region, has experienced a much higher volume than anticipated, 11,000 in total. Each application must be reviewed by two people, one of which must be a clinician. The Deanery has been able to arrange for each application to be reviewed by a clinician. However 2,000 applications have yet to be reviewed by a second person. The Deanery is therefore seeking volunteers from its partner organisations to act as a second reviewer for the remaining applications, as the deadline for completion of this task is quite tight. The second reviewer does not need to be a clinician. Academic Related staff of grade 7 and above would be eligible to act as a "lay" second reviewer, provided they had some knowledge of the NHS. Volunteers would be required to spend a day (or half day minimum) between Friday the 16th and Wednesday the 21st of February at the Deanery, which is located very near the Medical School, at the top of Vincent Drive. Refreshments and lunch are provided, along with expenses for excess travel. The Medical School would like to be able to assist the Deanery, and hope that appropriate staff in the following groups/ departments will be able to
Clinical academics
Divisional managers
MSEU, including Medical Education Developers and the Ed Tech Team
School Office
Senior Management Team"

This contradicts Lord Hunt absolutely.

This is while a deeply flawed process continues to be rail roaded forwards, despite even the 'independent' review admitting these gaping flaws.

The latest fudges do not make the process fair. It is still unfair and it must be halted at once.

Thes hopes and dreams of thousands of junior doctors ride on this, and it is not just them that will be affected; their friends and families are suffering too, often in silence.

A large majority of RCS members want MTAS scrapped, and the vast majority of the medical profession agress with this, apart from a small bunch of politicised educationalists who are dictating to us from the top.

The majority must prevail and MTAS must die.

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