Saturday, 17 March 2007

The march - a sign of things to come

What a fantastic event and what a show of unity against our pathetic government. The day after the 'Mtas review muppets' came up with their bizarre and nonsensical changes to the MTAS process, the doctors in this country showed them where they should stick their useless ideas. It was somewhere the sun doesn't shine I believe.

An excellent clip from a very well spoken neurosurgeon telling it like it is.

Apparently the young lady hugging Dave Cameron said 'We love you and I'm a socialist!'.

Lord Hunt made to look like the absolutely clueless tosspot he is; apparently unaware that the BMA have called for the MTAS process to be halted, having one BMA rep on the review panel is hardly representative is it? Especially if that BMA member doesn't push for the views of his own organisation! Lord Hunt, rhymes with..........

Some more fantastic speeches here:

So Hunt, Donaldson, Crockard, Blair, Hewitt, Douglas and the rest of you; you better stand up and take notice of what is happening because people have had enough of being treated like small idiotic children. Your time is running out and it is about bloody time that your corrupt ideology caught up with you. The medical profession will not bend over for you any longer, today is the start of something rather special. Today is the potential platform from which we must go on to force their hand. This government must be made to regret its systematic destruction of medical professionalism in the cynical pursuit of power. This day must be a day that is looked back on in years to come as a great turning point. It will take a lot more hard work and lot more militancy over the weeks ahead, but the medical profession has its belief back and the momentum must be exploited.

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Anonymous said...

Any idea where we can now see the speeches/movies of from the March? They seem to have been taken off youTube...!