Sunday, 25 March 2007

House of monkeys

What a great surprise, New Labour are now dumbing down the ambulance service, it seems they will stop at nothing until they have replaced all their skilled NHS staff with undertrained incompetents. This blogger explains what is really going on. The way they have been 'snuck in' seems rather reminiscent of the introduction of PAs and NPs in certain roles that they are clearly not adequately trained for. It's all down to cutting the service in the name of cost. The worst thing about it is the way it is justified by those in power; they will be sure to list the 'competencies' of these less skilled workers to try and prove that they are just as good as who they are replacing. However you and I know that this competency based argument is fraudulent.

A cracking edition of the Britmeds by Dr Crippen this week. There really is enough to keep you so busy that you don't ever need to read the BBC ever again. This piece really had me fuming and this is Dr Rant at his very best. Look here at more of the same as the 'early years foundation curriculum' is explained. It's yet another example of our 'Stalinist' government trying to nanny us in a rather disturbing and over controlling manner. Targets for the under fives! It will induce untold anxiety in parents if their children don't meet these baseless milestones, and it is completely unacceptable to put the little ones under this kind of pressure. New Labour I proverbially spit on you.

The targets are a joke. They have instilled a dangerous and unhealthy culture in all the public services, as they prioritise the manufacture of political propaganda over quality service provision. It has resulted in managers being selected on their ability to say 'yes' to their superiors, meaning that managers who are actually good at their job are sacrificed in the name of political expediency and 'yes men'. This top down control freakery works based on a culture of fear and intimidation, which stifles open honest debate and hence progress is impossible. Instead of scrapping the targets, our dictators continue to think that introducing more targets will solve the problems that other targets have created. It is all done in the name of gathering data that is used for the cynical propaganda war, a war that can never be won in the long term; as the truth will always catch up with you, no matter how good one is at spinning propaganda.

Watch out New Labour, the truth will catch up with you eventually.

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