Friday, 23 March 2007

when will this farce be stopped?

Even the BBC are reporting that the BMA JDC chairman has now walked out of the MTAS 'independent' review group. A DoH spokeswoman said that they would push on with things. This is after the 'independent' review group press release this last night. The review panel's efforts are at best a fudge to try and make MTAS slightly less unfair. They have missed the clear logical point that either interviewing everyone for all their jobs or scrapping round 1 entirely are the only truly equitable and fair solutions to the MTAS shambles.

Do these morons ever stop pushing their lame policy that they present as 'reform'? I'm rather at a loss as to why government health policy is called 'reform' as I have seen precious little evidence of any improvement that the word 'reform' implies. Junior doctors are against the scheme, consultants have walked out of interviews, Hewitt has been caught with her pants down in parliament on the issue, leading academic professors have spoken out against the reform, 12,000 doctors have marched over government reform of training, over 80% of the Royal College of Surgeons want MTAS round 1 scrapped, the BMA have now walked out of the review; how much more does it take for the DoH to realise they are wrong?

What does it take these days for incompetents to be forced to resign? Do these stooges have no shame? Where are the apologies that should be being heard loud and clear?

These politically motivated cronies do not care for junior doctors, the medical profession or the electorate. They are the lowest of the low, motivated by selfish greed they demonstrate sheer contempt for the health of the nation. It is about the pursuit of power at any cost, something that doctors hold a rather special contempt for given their role of caring for patients. The sheer hypocrisy of citing 'patient safety' as the reason for these changes is astounding, especially when it is the poor patients who will suffer in the long run as a direct result of these hasty changes.

I would like to create a list of individuals who should be forced to resign over this utter shambles, feel free to add any other names as you see fit in the comments:

Professor Neil Douglas

Patricia Hewitt

Clare Chapman

Professor Liam Donaldson

Professor Alan Crockard

Professor Shelley Heard

Professor Martin Marshall

If any of you have time to read this, when you're not destroying this country's healthcare system, then I suggest you do the honourable thing and resign.


Scrubbing Up said...

I have certified the death of MTAS on my new MMC Blog:

Time of death: 23.00, 22 March 2007.

I have linked your fine blog to the site in a collection of anti-MMC bloggers!

Keep it up :)

Garth Marenghi said...

have to say your site is pretty impressive and it's all been done using the fuel of MTAS-induced rage!