Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Darzi and dusted

What do lying treacherous politicians do when they realise they have been caught out with their corrupt stinking pants hanging down by their ankles? Call for a review, that's what.

This is what Alan Johnson has done. He must be hoping that Sir Ara Darzi can fool the medical profession and the general public that he is competent to do the review and that he is not a New Labour stooge. He may struggle to fool us on both counts.

I have already written about Sir Ara's convenient report findings that have consistently told those in power exactly what they want to hear. It is also rather noticeable that one of his reports was so low in quality that an independent review, written shortly after Darzi's report, directly inferred that Darzi's ideas were unsafe and unworkable as a result.

So what do New Labour do with a man that struggles to satisfactorily review emergency services in one small area? Yes, that's right, they give him the job of reviewing the whole of the NHS.

Unfortunately this is no joke, this is New Labour at their mesmerising best. It is also unfortunately no joke that we have a dimwitted fool called Alan Johnson running the NHS, a man who thought that Labour's education record was great because more pupils were getting A grades than ever before.

We now have a postman running the NHS, this truly is New Labour at their stunning best.

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Rachel Joyce said...

Hi Garth
can you give me the reference for the independent review you mention? Do you mean Reform, or is there something else?