Sunday, 15 July 2007

Spot the wage

The mainstream media are never short of stories that tell us how overpaid doctors are and how underpaid all other NHS workers are. The following game is designed to demonstrate that this opinion is a little wide of the mark.

Guess which job gets each of the seven hourly rates:

House officer (first year doctor), Senior House Officer (second/third/fourth year doctor), Specialist Registrar (level above SHO) , staff nurse, senior staff nurse, sister........... and a strathclyde bus driver:


(The increment is at realistic level (3yrs as an SHO before SpR, 8y as SN before SSN, 5y as SSN before sister) and for an average 37.5 hrs worked per week only. Nurse's rate includes antisocial supplement. Dr's rate from BMA website.

I haven't included overtime (>37.5h). For that, nurses get time and a half, or double time on bank hols. Doctors get time and a quarter on 2B or 1A banding (average banding) or none on a normal working day.)

See if you can put the hourly rates of pay in the correct order, starting with the lowest and working up to the highest. You may be surprised by the results.

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