Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Ministry of Untruth

The Department of Health have hardly covered themselves in glory this year, indeed some might go so far as to say that they have emphatically proven themselves to be a bunch of utter incompetents. The latest evidence of their ineptitude is revealed by this press release, demonstrating their idiocy and state of complete denial. The DoH tries to put a positive spin on events:

"Majority of NHS junior doctor posts filled in England"

I translate this spin to mean: "A worryingly large number of posts are still unfilled and it is only a matter of days until the August change over." Apparently this is all rather good news for patients and the NHS.

There is strangely no mention of the thousands of excellent juniors who have no training job, there is no talk of those who have fled for greener pastures abroad and there is no word of this catastrophic waste of talent and money. This is a scandal.

Not only is there a huge problem for the service in August as there are hundreds of training posts unfilled, not forgetting the huge number of non training posts that are also unfilled. This will have inevitable clinical consequences for patients come August as there will be simply too few hands at the pump.

The manner in which the Department of Health, "the ministry of untruth", have tried to cover up this embarrassing balls-up is not only dishonest but it is also insulting to thousands of juniors who have been treated so inhumanely this year.

The Department of Health are beneath contempt, they have revealed their true incompetent colours this year. They have woefully mismanaged everything that they have touched as far as MTAS and MMC are concerned. Nothing has gone right, and this is because they have ignored all the fears and concerns raised along the way, they have simply pushed on regardless in order to satisfy their political masters. They have made so many mistakes that people have stopped counting, in fact many juniors are now so apathetic as a result of this systematic torture that they are struggling to motivate themselves to carry on.

The Department of Health would have done much better to admit their errors and try to change their dishonest manipulative ways. They have not done this, and they are sinking lower and lower by the day.


dreamingspire said...

What about the report seen this week that MTAS only cost £2M?

Garth Marenghi said...

I wouldn't have paid two pence for MTAS!