Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Democracy in motion

As you would have gathered by now I am a big fan of the government's unique approach on consulting its citizens on various decisions. It is remarkable that things appear not to have changed one iota with big Gordon in charge, democracy is still held in contempt it seems.

The government's attempts to 'reconfigure', in other words 'to cut costs by shutting good local specialist services', are being railroaded through in typical bully boy fashion. The Worthing Herald reported that hundreds of members of the public were shut out of a meeting that was set up to discuss the future of their local hospitals. One local commented:

"I was 40 years in the health service, ending as a director of nursing services in south London. I know what democracy is and this isn't democracy."

It was certainly strange that the meeting venue was no way near big enough for all the members of the public to attend and have their say. It is certainly not the first time that similar pretences to consult the public have appeared to be nothing more than a sham.

So many dangerous policies have been forced through against the will of the vast majority of the electorate, most of these have been all in the name of privatisation. It appears to be more than coincidence that no charges are to be brought in the cash for peerages scandal, this decision by the CPS seems to have been influenced by various government stooges including Lord Goldsmith, aka 'Tony's poodle'. The Labour party continues to suppress public opinion and show a rather unhealthy amount of contempt for democracy, coincidentally large donations continue to roll into Labour HQ as the NHS is privatised; can anyone join the dots?

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