Thursday, 19 July 2007

Sir Liam and his kind

The never ending problems in the NHS are summed up very well by looking at Sir Liam Donaldson. This podgy ginger stooge is the epitomy of a self serving corrupt regime that is bringing the health service to its knees. Sir Liam finally spoke on the subject of MTAS this week, this coming many months too late from a man who appears to be up to his neck in his own steaming faeces. Channel 4 news have summarised the ghastly MTAS affair here, it really is upsetting how badly so many hard working staff have been treated and August promises to be an absolute nightmare for patients, with thousands of junior doctors moving jobs on the same day.

Sir Liam is exactly the kind of doctor who is completely unsuitable to be making the big decisions that he is left with, he is man who will always obey his master, a man who would sell out his own family for the right price. The majority opinion of the medical profession has been ignored time and time again by cronies like Sir Liam, resulting in more and more destructive government reform being forced upon the general public. The cronies in positions of power are frequently doctors who have left the real medical world because they do not enjoy medical work on the ground, because they are not good at real medicine and because they would rather seek personal glory by shafting their colleagues who actually do the real work. There are many more Sir Liam types who hold positions of significant power in organisations like the DoH, the BMA, quangos like PMETB, the Royal Colleges and PCTs. These despicable turncoats are men who have sold their souls for peerages, they are men who should have been kept out of powerful positions at all costs. The same seems to be the case in the nursing heirarchy with good clinical nursing going unrewarded, while compliant little Hitler-type managers are rewarded for their compliance by a nasty vindictive over controlling Department of Health.

MTAS is only the obvious tip of the government reform iceberg, unfortunately beneath the water lurk many other disastrous schemes hatched by the same bunch of disgraceful cronies. ISTCs have been a massively wasteful use of tax payer's cash, it turns out that the government doesn't even bother to check up on the value and quality of some rather expensively privately contracted work; the cynic would argue that this was a deliberate ploy, after all it is easier to get away with squandering cash on corrupt reform if no one keeps an eye on where the money has gone. The scandal of ISCTs is one of many examples of inefficient reform catalysed by the government's control of several crony-led institutions and the deliberate riding roughshod over the majority of public opinion. A man named Sir Ara Darzi has been pulled off the same production line that negligently spat out the monstrous Sir Liam, yet another government crony who will tell the government exactly what they want to hear.

The NHS has become the exact opposite of what was originally intended. The nasty bullying tactics employed by the DoH have crept down the chain of command, and now the actual doers are persecuted by a bunch of cretinous cronies who haven't done a proper day's work in years. Dishonesty and nastyness are rewarded, while hard work and excellence are no longer actively encouraged. The dumbed down service that the government has in store for the future does not have the interests of patients at heart, it is all about serving the interests of an elite minority of scumbags.

The catastrophy of Sir Liam's MTAS and his complete inability to take responsibility for his own mess sums up where things are going so badly wrong. The majority of good hard working doctors are being shafted by a minority of lazy good-for-nothing cronies. These bastards have blood on their hands but they still refuse to acknowledge this rather obvious fact. I really do not know how their kind sleep at night.


Rachel Joyce said...

Believe it or not - some of us Doc's in PCTs actually agree with you.
I see my role sometimes as trying to bring some sanity to a mad world.
I like your blog and have linked it to mine - on politics, my local campaign and medical/ health matters.

Garth Marenghi said...


the problem is that the NHS is so dysfunctional thanks to its top down management structure, that the clinicians are ignored and those managing them frequently think they know better; a good structure would involve managers listening and acting on what they are told by experts on the ground.

there are without doubt some good eggs, but the top down heirarchy that stems from the DoH is the main reason for this malaise, no organisation will ever function if problems and issues cannot be fed back up the chain of the command

Sam said...

Banned smoking in public places, he is now targeting "Fat" and binge drinkers

look who's talking!

Rachel Joyce said...

garth - couldn't agree with you more! I stay to stop it getting even worse!