Monday, 23 July 2007

Will they ever learn?

Floods are currently devastating rather large parts of the country, not something that we expect to happen in the middle of our uniquely British summer. More and more MTAS errors are also being unearthed on a daily basis, in fact the job selection process has been so flawed that it's very hard for even the most obsessed to keep up with the true scale of the disaster.

There will be some juniors out there who are probably having their worst ever summer, with no job for August and a house full of muddy flood water. The individual cases of woe that I've heard of do beggar belief. Some juniors have had jobs offers retracted, others have been offered multiple jobs despite making it quite clear that they had accepted only one job; also it is rather scandalous that those with jobs mostly do not have their contracts of employment as yet. One must not forget the thousands of highly skilled junior who are still without a job for August, many of these will be supporting partners and small children. Thousands of juniors and their dependents are in the process of trying to relocate in a very short period of time, it's hardly the icing on the 2007 cake. I won't even mention the inevitable bedlam on the wards come August as all junior doctors swap hospitals on the very same day, just make sure you don't end up in hospital in August.

The DoH who have been the driving force being this vindictive carnage do not seem to care for the people involved in the slightest. The fact that a rather large number of junior doctors are showing signs of mental strain shouldn't be reported in the DoH's opinion. The politically correct lies never stop being trotted out by the Department of Health. It is almost sick that they are happy to continue peddling their propaganda behind the dishonest pretence of caring for patients and doctors. It must not be forgotten that it is their policy and reform that has resulted in this mess, their dishonest attempts to try and take the moral high ground here show that they can always be relied upon to plumb new abhorrent depths.

The government's big game is the destruction of the medical profession so that medical care can be privatised, unfortunately this game is against the interests of a good standard of care for patients across the board. MTAS is part of this process of dumbing down and lowering standards so that a cohort of minimally competent worker drones can be bullied into producing dross for the rest of their working lives. No wonder the majority of the medical profession cannot stand the government's line of attack, as the majority of them are only happy in a system in which they can pursue medical excellence; the government wants to destroy excellence as this is expensive, it is far cheaper to provide a mediocre service run by its Stalinist health care professionals. In this brave new NHS there will be little use for doctors, and clinical freedom will be a thing of the past; as uneducated managers and quangocrats will proliferate in their stifling and controlling roles, resulting in clinicians being nothing more than puppets of the ever burgeoning state bureaucracy.

The government's response to the failure of MTAS is to push on with it, regardless of the ghastly short and long term consequences. The government's answer to the floods appears to be equally misguided. If there is one thing that should be done to help minimise the chances of floods wreaking the havoc that they have this year, it should be to stop building on flood plains. This is hardly rocket science. However knowing our government they will push on regardless with their plans for new homes, again regardless of the potentially disastrous consequences. When will these fools learn their lesson? Just how many lives will have to be wrecked for them to stop this irresponsible rampage?

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David L. Cox said...

The press and the government need watching carefully. The floods in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire are bad, but at least they have been reported ad nauseum by the BBC et al.

A surprise no doubt to the poor sods in Hull who were up to their necks for a week before anyone seemed to notice! Perhaps it's a postcode lottery of another sort.

With regard to the government and its useless implementation of MMC/MTAS, booze ups and breweries come to mind. They'll try to ignore the obvious even when blue in the face rather than take action to solve the problem. We MUST keep the problem in the press by whatever means possible and for as long as possible.

Blogs are one way to keep the press informed!

Keep up the good work!