Monday, 4 February 2008

The great leap backwards

In the beginning there was a big bang, or Adam and Eve, or something different that you believe in; anyway whatever you believe in, there were certainly no doctors or hospitals.

As human civilisation developed more specialisation became possible, meaning that some people became full time physicians while others ploughed the fields and scattered.

The Sinhalese might have been the first to introduce hospitals en masse in the 4th century BC, soon the Romans got involved, but it was arguably Muslim physicians who developed hospitals as we mean in the modern sense of the word in the 8th century.

Throughout modern history medicine has become more advanced and more subspecialised, resulting in standards of care that would never have been evisaged in days of old.

Then came New Labour and Darzi. Their motives are unknown but their plan is obvious.

They want to reverse progress, they want regression.

Rather than provide high quality care in hospitals that is proven to be efficacious and safe, they are keen to shift more and more work into the community even though it is clearly a dangerous step backwards.

The mechanism for regression involves an extensive innefficient bureacracy controlled from the top down by self interested cronies of the party. This bureaucracy then stretches its greasy tenatacles far and wide and orders everyone else around.

Even the most highly skilled professionals are now controlled by nonsensical protocol-driven idiocy from the likes of NICE, everyone must obey their master or else. Training and education are no longer important, professionals are no longer respected, everyone is made to be equal in this socialist nightmare.

Money is now spent on avoiding doing work rather than doing the work that needs to be done. This costly manager-led rationing of treatments against the clinical interests of patients has become the depressing norm.

The perverted logic that sees excellent specialist services deliberately ship wrecked while private treatment centres profit for from shoddy care has to be seen first hand to be believed. PCTs have no incentive to provide a good service, instead they are encouraged to privatise and avoid paying for neccessary treatment.

Medicine in the UK is regressing. The government's desire for excessive amounts of control will only continue to erode standards if allowed to continue unchecked. I just hope Darzi and Brown are proud of their place in history.


Daily Referendum said...

Great post,

Will link to it tomorrow on my magical blog mystery tour bus.

Garth Marenghi said...

thankyou kindly,

I am going to try to inject a bit of humour into my future postings,

it can get a bit depressing talking about the government and the NHS in honest factual terms,

hence I shall try to expose the government's idiocy with a small amount of wit and sarcasm, rather than with facts and figures!