Friday, 8 February 2008

Lies, spin, and more lies and spin

The lies and propaganda from the government continue, the Department of Health today claimed that the GPC were backing their proposals regarding GP opening hours and the new GP contract offer:
"We are pleased the GPC are now backing our proposals and urging GPs to support them."
This is a ludicrous line to take. If someone offered you a choice between two deals, and one deal involved your wife being raped and brutally murdered while the other involved your child being molested and deep fried in oil; then would choosing one deal over the other be seen as backing that deal?

The government is taking the michael. It is offering a bullet in the head or a bullet up the arse. The BBC should know better than to report this propaganda as breaking news, the journalists who do this clearly know very little about the topics on which they report. If GPs have any sense then they will defend their territory and tell the government where to stick it, after all if bullying is accepted then one can become a victim for ever.

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