Sunday, 24 February 2008

Rewriting history at our expense

It has been revealed that the government is wasting our money trying to rewrite the story surrounding their damaging and antidemocratic NHS reforms, by amending Wikipedia entries:

"Information obtained by Conservative shadow health spokesman Stephen O'Brien shows that between 22 August 2005 and 3 August 2007, there have been close to 1,500 occasions when the department's IP address (the code that identifies which computers are being used on the internet) has been associated with the creation or amendment of entries on the encyclopaedia website. That's more than two per day."

As every day passes more examples of this abhorrent regime's Orwellian behaviour come to light, and it is most definitely not covering them in glory, far from it, it is making them appear to be incompetent propaganda peddling fools of the highest order. Just to make sure that Wikipedia doesn't miss this little affair, it has been included in the Department of Health's wikipedia entry. Mind you I'm sure they'll have edited it out by Monday lunchtime, always best to sneak these things in out of hours, I'm sure the irony of this won't be lost on you GPs out there.

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Dr Xavier Ray said...

Doesn't it make you feel good to know there is probably someone on the DOH payroll employed to update the Wiki entry. I wonder what the job title is and whether they do their own typing or have a PA to do it.