Thursday, 28 February 2008

Slimey rotten DoH wriggles in pool of its own wretched filth

The Department of Health has responded to Sir John Tooke's independent inquiry into Modernising Medical Careers. They have taken their time to come up with an indecisive and insulting response. It is a response that many of us have seen coming from many miles off.

Remedy sum up the situation well, pointing out the rather salient fact that the DoH are only accepting just under a quarter of the recommendations of the inquiry unconditionally. Another quarter of the recommendations have been accepted 'in principle', meaning that they will be twisted and abused to meet the DoH's needs and not the needs of doctors and their patients.

While another quarter have been subsumed by the cynical Lord Darzi review which appears to be genuinely consulting no one at all and deliberately set up to privatise the NHS in the interests of only politicians and their friends in the big health care corporations. Importantly the need to set up a new body to oversee training called NHS:MEE is one recommendation that they want to brush under the carpet, as this would genuinely pose a threat to the DoH's deliberate top down destruction of decent standards of medical training and consequently patient care. As one example, here is a snippet of the DoH's response regarding policy making:

'Underlining the importance of an evidence-based approach, the team is being enlarged to
include more educationalists involved in the delivery of medical training.'

That's just what we don't need, more educationalists, and more communication skills at the expense of the core science and basic knowledge. The DoH's idea of evidence based policy making seems to be to manufacture lame flawed pilot schemes to empower the ignorant, as we have seen with nurse prescribing, physician's assistants, nurse practitioners doing the job of a general physician without adequate training et 'Skills for Health' cetera. Fiona Patterson continues to tell us that MTAS had good evidence behind it, and we all know how very wrong she was proven to be. The DoH will just continue to spin its own web of dodgy evidence to back its shambolic corrupt agenda, after all one's evidence is only ever as good as the people one has intrerpreting it.

The problem with the Tooke report is that the the very same people who have negligently mismanaged medical training over recent years are still managing medical training, thus they are going to do everything they can to continue to wreck things, in other words the fat child still has the keys to the pantry. Sarah Thomas, Clare Chapman, Liam Donaldson et al. are all still employed by the Department of Health, say no more.

Medical training reform is being managed by the DoH as part of their overall strategy of dumbing down and privatising health care in this country, the Tooke report runs against this as it stands for professionalism and high standards. Tooke is bigger than just medical training, it shows just how wrong the government is in its general management of the NHS as a whole, the problem is the government itself, thus the government cannot be trusted to fix the problem. So how do we force the government to do these very neccessary things that is really has no desire or intention of doing? The battle begins.

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David L. Cox said...

I haven't had time yet to read completely the response, but I do have real misgivings as you clearly have.

To me, the first and most important action that the Government needs to take is to remedy the important residual problems arising from the MMC/MTAS disaster of last year, in order to avoid its repeat in forthcoming years.

To do this it needs to assure that sufficient training posts exist for all of the 'transition bulge' of SHO's so badly treated over the past 3 years, including the provision of opportunities for our juniors lost overseas perforce by this nonsense to return to UK training.

Without substantial effort in this area - and the provision of sufficient new posts - all of the DoH/Government/Darzi actions will be suspect, and rightly so.