Friday, 22 February 2008

Virginal innocence

"Thank you for your email of 2 February requesting information about healthcare centres and Virgin Healthcare.

Arrangements for the provision of NHS services using local health centres are a matter for local NHS bodies and the Department of Health has no plans to enter into contracts with any private health care provider for the provision of UK health centres.

However, I can confirm that as part of regular discussions with representatives of the independent sector providers, the Department has met Virgin Healthcare to discuss a range of issues around independent sector involvement."

Obtaining information from the government via the Freedom of Information act is a bit like drawing blood from a stone. I wonder what the DoH has told PCTs about the procurement of services and I also wonder what exactly has gone on in discussions between the DoH and Virgin Healthcare. The doors need to be prized open, as it seems that the PCTs are ordered around by the DoH, however when the DoH is asked what it is up to then it just passes the buck to the PCTs. Very shady indeed.

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Elaine said...

...all very dubious.

ps that puppy is just adorable.