Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Absolute farce continues

The 'independent' review panel has declared its divine judgement on the MTAS process here. Their judgement is nothing but a very bad joke. One must note that the review panel has already admitted that the short listing process is next to useless.

Their final fudge means that all interviews that have already taken place will stand. This means that candidates who were short listed for four interviews are at a massive advantage over those with no initial interviews. However, as the short listing was an unvalidated sham, those candidates with four interviews are not necessarily any better than those who initially had no interviews; this means that the system is now completely unfair, as it hands an unfair advantage to a certain group of candidates.

If this process is deemed to be fair and legal, I really fear for the future of selection. It is simply ridiculous that the review panel can admit the short listing process is next to useless one week, but the next week they hand the candidates who have been fortunate with the short listing process a massively unfair advantage.

The members of the review panel must have short circuited their logic circuits with all the thought of the knighthoods that they are to shortly receieve for their betrayal of the medical profession. Do these people have no shame?

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