Saturday, 28 April 2007

These physicians have balls!

The following letter has been written by the Worthing Hospital Royal College of Physicians College Tutor and Colleagues to the KSS Dean and Lead for Core Medical Training on 25th April 2007:

"I am writing from the physicians as a whole here at Worthing. Following our recent letter about the review process, MTAS and implementation of MMC we have been waiting as many others have for more information about the plans for August.
As interviews have pressed ahead we have been pleased with the reports of the good quality of candidates.

However we are greatly disturbed that no firm information has been relayed to anyone about any amendments to the planned implementation of run-through training for August.

As there has been such a profound failure in MTAS delivery leaving all participants senior and junior with questions about its validity, our consensus view is that there needs to be, at the very least, a delay in the start of Run- through training relating to ST1 and ST2.We fully appreciate that we need to recruit and fill our vacant posts for August. However as selection of candidates into FTSTA posts on the back of this process will virtually preclude any future career progression for them we see continuing with this process as unethical.

We as a body feel we are no longer able to support interviewing in such a situation.

We do hope that we can resolve this situation and will review this standpoint when we have firm assurances about the August implementation. At such a time we will whole-heartedly support interviewing when we can be assured about the various issues that have been previously highlighted and flexibility is returned to the system."'

It is 'unethical' to proceed, here here. Unfortunately so far it has been only a small minority of consultants who have withdrawn from the process, it undoubtedly takes a lot of courage to take such a stand. However this does not condone the actions of those who have not pulled out, or not at least tried to persuade their consultant colleagues to pull out.

It is indisputable that if all consultants across the country pulled out then the MTAS process would have to be scrapped. There is undoubtedly a lot of top down pressure being applied, there are even rumours of intimidation and bullying. This appears to be as a result of certain vested political interests; the scrapping of MTAS would be catastrophic for some people very high up the food chain and hence they will stop at nothing to enforce their will upon those beneath them. For this reason I salute the Worthing consultants, they have done something very brave indeed under a great deal of pressure. It is hard to know what oneself would do in the same situation; I know what I hope I would do, but until you are put in that situation it is very hard to predict how one would act.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to Worthing, ferret?

I imagine the hospital is composed mainly of geriatric wards.

Not that that makes a difference to the issue in hand. Good on the Worthing consultants for displaying some balls.

Garth Marenghi said...

I don't think I have!

Their juniors must be proud!