Sunday, 29 April 2007

'Absolute nonsense'

Click on the Sky News logo to watch a rather enjoyable interview with Patricia Hewitt getting a rather vigorous grilling from Adam Boulton. Hewitt tried the 'absolute nonsense' line for the umpteenth time and it did rather rebound in her face.

It is interesting that she mentioned the word 'doctor' so many times, it seems rather coincidental that these decisions as regards not treating smoking/obese patients were the same across whole PCT areas. It seems pretty obvious that these are PCT rationing decisions as a direct result of the government imposed deficits. It was good to see Adam Boulton not letting her get away with her typically illogical arguments.

I do love a good grilling.


Dr Mustard said...

Speaking of grilling.....

I'd love Patsy to get grilled George Foreman style.....

That's a powerful image.


The Scribe said...


Do you by any chance maintain that Ms Hewitt has a conceptual problem in comprehension of simple facts. I am often amazed at her lack of insight, her inability to be truthful and her inability to analyse basic facts.

I had often wondered what a psychometric test would show. Perhaps her level of intelligence is so high that we don't notice. Perhaps we may be the dim ones here.

Lastly, Blairwitch announced today that the Labour party was the savour of the NHS. Would we agree to say that he is actually the man who is responsible for its disintegration. I have not noticed an improvement so far. Then my observational accumen may well be poor given the long period I have been fighting against the tide of the regime.

Dr Rita Pal

PS Why does everyone post under pseudonyms around here? Surely that shows that they are affecting our free speech. Just an idea.