Friday, 6 April 2007

More on Tom Dolphin/BMA and MMC

A junior doctor named Tom Dolphin has been appearing in the news on a fairly regular basis of late. This chap seems to think that he represents the voice of juniors across the country. He has a history of being allied to government reform and he was the trainee representative on the London Deanery’s Modernising Medical Careers Steering Group; read here about his views on MMC. Here is one little quote from the conclusion:

"There will be a period of adjustment while the assessment tools are bedded in nationally, but they should prove beneficial to trainees and trainers alike in the end."

This sounds like just a certain Sir Liam or a well known Dr Eccles. This piece was in the Guardian recently and he is quoted as:

"The concerns of the profession have been ignored really for political reasons and I can't really defend any of it and I'm not going to try. Obviously things must be pretty bad for a secretary of state to have to apologise and we are hoping things will get better, but it's still a bit of a disaster."

Again it appears that Dr Dolphin is accepting even the fudged MTAS is 'still a bit of a disaster'. That's putting it mildly Dr Dolphin.

All BMA members should go here and vote now:

"The handling of the MMC reforms by the BMA has been a disgrace.They have signed up to reforms which will shorten and cheapen training, hasten the introduction of sub consultants, and adopt a lowest-common-denominator form of assessment.I have no confidence that the BMA will achieve the best deal for junior doctors, consultants or patients.I am collecting signatures to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting of the BMA to hold a vote of No Confidence in both the chair of the BMA, Mr James Johnson, and the chair of the JDC, Dr Jo Hilborne."

It is heartening to know that there are some BMA JDC members like Dr Varley who are in touch with the grass roots of the profession. The selfish political climbers who have somehow managed to take control of the BMA must be stopped, otherwise the BMA will die; its corrupt hierarchy is dragging it into the gutter as we speak. The likes of Tom Dolphin and Simon Eccles are a minority voice and are in no way representative of the majority of doctors, their pretence at caring is nothing more than a deceitful sham. They are not people that the medical profession can trust to fight the short termist government reform that threatens to wreck good medical training across the land. They care only for their own careers and their own glory; we need more principled men of their word who will fight for something they genuinely believe in, and we need less of the selfish power hungry megalomaniac breed.


Anon_Med_Student said...

Absolutely spot on!

As a current third year medic, I am surrounded by odious individuals obsessed with 'CV whoring' as I like to describe it.

Incredibly arrogant, selfish and ruthless individuals who could not give a damn for their patients or colleagues. Our current BMA rep is typical of this breed. Very little interest in representing the views of the student cohort but determined to gain election to the national committee to further their own career.

Where have all the decent medics gone?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but frankly what a load of crap. I've never heard a more laughable description of these people. I am not a doctor but I do have a personal connection with the BMA and know a lot of these people and know how much effort they go to doing a selfless and good job to defend the NHS and the doctors employed by it.

Anonymous said...

There actually are an awful lot of career whores in medicine- a lot of selfish careerists out there who puiand TD was certainly one such arrogant medical student at the Royal London. An overblown self-important disliker of the female sex to be precise.