Friday, 27 April 2007

The metastatic NHS Employers

On the issue of trust for our esteemed politicians and quangos, given the recent lies from MTAS claiming that their website was down as a result of 'planned essential maintenance'; can we believe anything that comes from this government are any of its associated agencies? I will argue that we certainly cannot believe much that comes from the lips of NHS Employers.

NHS Employers released a 'briefing for MPs' before the parliamentary debate on MMC that took place recently. During the MMC debate one MP called NHS Employers a 'metastasis' of the NHS confederation, I think this gets across the malignant nature of this organisation. They even had the audacity to claim in their briefing:

"NHS Employers supports the main principles of MMC, as does the medical profession."

This statement on its own is enough to discredit the whole document, the medical profession seems to have very serious reservations about the principles behind MMC which the current administration are dangerously trying to brush under their dirty old carpet. The rest of their document repeats a large number of myths that can only be described as clear propaganda. For example:

"A similar system has operated in the United States for many years."

In fact MTAS is nothing like the American system to anyone with half a grey cell.

"This service was launched for Foundation Programmes in October 2006. 6000 applications were submitted with no significant IT or selection problems reported."

It seems the recent security breach might be 'significant' enough to be considered a problem, however knowing the nature of NHS Employers mindset this too is probably just a minor teething 'episode'.

"Shortlisting was carried out by senior doctors in each specialty who were given training on the new system."

It seems amusing that there is no mention of short listing having to be abandoned because no one involved had any faith in the waffling tree-hugging competency based questions.

"The past few months have been difficult for many junior doctors. This was the first year of the process and there have been a large number of applicants for the training places available. With no previous years' experience to draw on, doctors were also understandably nervous about the process."

It is incredible that these spin merchants are trying to put all the fuss over MTAS as being down to 'nervous' junior doctors. They do not even mention that the short listing process had to be abandoned, they say the tools and form 'need to be built on and further improved'. This is downright lying, juniors are angry and demoralised because the process has been a disorganised joke.

They even ask the question 'Is there evidence of MTAS working well?' and try to answer this, it's like asking 'is there evidence the war in Iraq is going well' while not asking the converse. They finish with:

We do not believe that there should be radical changes to the process of recruitment to speciality training at this stage. However, NHS Employers is committed to working with other national organisations and NHS trusts to ensure the system is fit for purpose. NHS organisations want to do all we can to minimise uncertainty, to ensure services for patients aren't compromised and that doctors get the careers advice and support they need."

The first paragraph runs completely against the claims of the second paragraph. How can they believe that any progress can be made without changing this farcical system radically?

I think the only cure for these metastases is radical surgery, this aggressive malignancy needs to be wiped out of existence. However the primary cancer must also be removed, I believe that the Blairosarcoma resides at No 10 downing street. Get your knives sharpened, unfortunately there won't be time for the use of an aspectic technique as this filthy tumour is spreading fast with no concern for our health, it must be excised at once.


Loaie Maraqa said...

Just a brief comment on the principles of MMC. It appears there is in fact some support for this, as clarified at the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland in Manchester 2 weeks ago. MTAS, on the other hand, was heavily criticised. A show of hands was almost unanimously supportive of radical changes to the process, with only 3 opposed from approx 1000 delegates.

Garth Marenghi said...

I appreciate this. However my argument is that 'the principles' of MMC are nothing more than a smokescreen from the government to railroad through a policy that will betray those very principles. Too many people have been too naive in trusting this government. Check previous posts on MMC and the Freedom of Information act on this blog for more.