Friday, 6 April 2007

BMA unrepresentative and other news

This article taken from the Guardian contains quotes from Tom Dolphin, of the BMA Junior Doctor's Committee (JDC):

"Dr Dolphin added: “The concerns of the profession have been ignored really for political reasons and I can’t really defend any of it and I’m not going to try. Obviously things must be pretty bad for a secretary of state to have to apologise and we are hoping things will get better, but it’s still a bit of a disaster." "

Tom Dolphin is attempting to justify the unjustifiable, do junior doctors or even the BMA JDC agree with him here? This is a quote from another member of the JDC:

"I think Tom Dolphin needs to reply to this in defence of his comments. I am a member of JDC and am very unhappy that we were not consulted about the decision to return to the review group. I don't there is likely to be any satisfactory outcome with MTAS in its current form and I would favour a delay and a temporary return to the old CV-based application system which had unlimited entry points. So don't think we all support this move or the decisions the review group make."

So it seems that all the members of the BMA JDC were not consulted about this unfair MTAS fudge. What a representative democracy the BMA is.

Thanks to front point systems for this from the Times. It seems that those at the top of the BMA hierarchy are again not representing the views of their members in their accepting “a practical way forward”, to quote Jonathan Fielden from the BMA.

This is a wonderfully succinct critique of Labour's ugly MMC child by Alex Thomas:

"The transparently jealous attempt to devalue and dis empower the medical profession by this Labour government has been exposed for shambolic outrage that it is. Patients can be glad that we took to the streets in opposition of the appalling sabotage of our training and education. Taxpayers can be glad we protest at the wasting of their money. But will the general public vote with their feet and demand that the government take responsibility for the mess they have created and ensure the future of the medical profession in this country?"

Here, here.

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