Friday, 27 April 2007

More lies from MTAS

It was bad enough that last night MTAS tried to pretend that their site had been closed for 'planned essential maintenance work', they backed down from this pretty sharpish as even they have some degree of shame. However their website still shows the evidence of their lies as above.

MTAS have sent out the following statement today:

"Specialty and GP applicants have not been affected by these issues and they should be reassured that their details remain absolutely secure. It is intended that the interview booking section of MTAS will be available to these applicants again very soon and with the minimal disruption to their application process. Specialty and GP applicants will receive an email to let them know when the system is up and running again. We expect that this will be by Monday, 30 April."

This is a downright lie. The MTAS email correspondence of ALL applicants was left wide open for anyone with access to the Internet. This security breach applies to ALL candidates. This security loop hole was probably left open for several weeks before being noticed.

The DoH and MTAS are coming to resemble a propaganda ministry. Frankly I cannot believe a word they say anymore.

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