Sunday, 6 May 2007

Arrogance and denial - new MTAS lows

Some rather sad Internet geeks (tongue firmly in cheek) have managed to unearth some rather worrying and humorous (for all the wrong reasons) PowerPoint presentations that Sarah Thomas has made regarding MTAS in the last few years. The above image is taken from this rather embarrassing slide show. I have stored two more of her gems here and here.

The more I flick through these slides, the more I am shocked by the casual jokey nature of the presentations and I get the distinct impression that Sarah Thomas was in such a state of denial that she never entertained the possibility that her hair brained scheme was doomed to fail. Events have proved her to be very wrong indeed, whether this was down to stupidity or downright arrogance I do not know. It may never be known how much pressure was put on her from above to drive this idiotic reform through.

Competency based selection
      • Establish key competencies using thorough job analysis involving stakeholders & experts
      • Develop work-relevant exercises testing POTENTIAL in key competency domains
      • Multiple assessment, multiple assessors
      • Each competency assessed 3 times
      • Each exercise demonstrates 4 competencies
      • Assessment exercise / competency MATRIX
This slide sums up the incomprehensible psycho babbling mumbo jumbo that MTAS was based upon, I took the liberty of translating this slide to mean 'joined up twattery by numpties'. I write this as there is yet more documentary evidence revealed that proves that the Royal Colleges were ignored by those who sculpted MTAS.
Today the results of a National Poll conducted by Prof Morris Brown et al were released. Over 80% of juniors and consultants wanted a consultant boycott. Only 15% of those who took part chose the MTAS one interview approach. Just one final prophetic slide:

I have gleaned from this research that MTAS is indeed shit and should be flamed.


Anonymous said...

I especially like the slide titled 'Risks'. "What are the odds of all five happening?", she must have thought.

Pretty high, apparently.

Ahmed Stewdent said...

I've yet to see a better example of the short-sighted hubris which typifies all that we have seen in this car-crash of an initiative.

And MTAS is just the tip of the iceberg.

Come on British public - get outraged, if the wrong person is appointed, if medical training goes down the tubes, if half the junior medics in the country are unemployed your the ones that will ultimately suffer.

Don't start flaming medics in the press when your transplant is being peformed by a half-trained, half baked, half-doctor instead of the knowledgable, ridiculously experienced chap/chapette that is the endangered British Consultant.

You've been warned.

Aphra Behn said...

I've nicked the condom pic and linked to this post and the other one about Sarah Thomas.

I'm back where the only words I have to discuss this have four letters.

Thanks for the info.