Saturday, 12 May 2007

Thanks a bunch BMA

The BMA and AoMRC have released this statement, a combined work of James Johnson and Carol Black:

"The current crisis around applications to speciality training requires the profession to unite in finding a better way forward. The decision that the Academy and the BMA would be part of the Review Group was both pragmatic and responsible. Some of you may have been urged to boycott the MTAS interview process. We understand the deep concerns that underlie such suggestions but are clear that they are misjudged and not the right way forward at this critical time. We agree that correction and improvement are necessary, for doctors and for patients, but they should be achieved through continued responsible argument and vigorous negotiation, not by action which would harm our junior colleagues."

If ever a short statement sums up how unrepresentative and downright pathetic the BMA have been over the issue of MTAS, then this is it. Only the BMA could interpret recent events as the 'the profession uniting'. Every opinion that is not that of the BMA dictatorship is seen as 'clearly misjudged and not the right way forward', they should apply this logic a little closer to home.

Recently the BMA has emphatically demonstrated just how far their unique brand of 'responsible argument and vigorous negotiation' can get us, precisely nowhere. The BMA's limp actions are doing precisely what they claim they want to prevent, ie 'harming their junior colleagues'.

"It is vital that the profession takes the lead on a way out of this crisis, and on all future issues related to the future management and development of training."

Ironically I agree with this statement but not in the way the BMA would understand it. The BMA have ignored and continue to ignore the 'profession', they cannot claim to be representing juniors and consultants with their apologetic drivel. The BMA's leadership have sunk beneath contempt.

"NB: The BMA advises consultants that a withdrawal from interviewing may constitute a breach of their employment contracts and, if so, industrial action. Such action has not been balloted for, is not directed at consultants’ employers, has not been approved by the BMA and would be unlawful. Doctors involved in such action could expose themselves to legal risks including dismissal (without protection from unfair dismissal) and/or damages for breach of contract. The BMA regards it as important that consultants are fully aware of the possible personal consequences of any decision to withdraw from interviews and would strongly advise consultants not to take this course of action."

No proper union would threaten consultants boycotting an unfair process in this manner, it is absolutely scandalous. The BMA should be backing these brave few, as they are the only ones who are prepared to do what the BMA is not prepared to; that is to stand up and take a stand for their good of their juniors. The BMA should look at the national survey that has been conducted by Prof Morris Brown et al, which shows that a massive majority of the medical profession supports a consultant boycott.

In continuing to support this unfair process, the BMA are showing their true colours. They have not once asked their members for their opinion on MTAS and MMC, they have not once asked their members on what they see as the best way forward. Deep down they know they are unrepresentative of their members and consequently not asking is the only real option.

The despotic leadership of the BMA need to be put out of their misery, they are selling their members down the river as we speak. Words fail to sum up just how low they have sunk.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing, not only are they doing nothing, they also want to stop anyone from taking action! This is betrayal! If they are worried about the consultants, why does,t the BMA take this precise industrial action themselves?! Asking all consultants to boycot the interviews! No harm to patients here, so, what is their problem?!!!

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