Saturday, 5 May 2007

Brilliant heckler sums up the frustration

"I just felt upset and angry.

Months of anxiety, not just for me but for all my colleagues and friends - people like me whose only aim is to be the best doctor they can. I have never seen so many friends cry and be demoralised by people who have no idea what life is like on the 'shop floor'. I was on that march when thousands of doctors turned out - a very emotional day. I have admired the hard work RemedyUK have put in, as well as the BMA who I am also sure have ploughed many hours of time into their work. But Patricia and co arrogantly ignored this. She has used spin as a way of defending the indefensible. Shame on her. How dare she patronise and lie - not just us - but the public at large.

Those that know me, know I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am sure there are many who may criticise my heckling, many who won't. Either way, she was being allowed to spin once more and I couldn't bear to sit there and listen to it. I was angry. But I did also try to articulate a few points the best I could. The programme is not edited, and as you can see it is not easy as an audience member to get a word in. I did my best and ultimately I do not regret showing Pat a small degree of the anger and frustration so many of us feel. I just hope that something good comes out of all the hard work many people in RemedyUK and BMA are doing, and that we can all get back to doing what we all do best - being doctors."

I would like to personally thank Phil for his brave and courageous performance on Question time. The presenter clearly didn't want anything too taxing for Patricia Hewitt, however Phil gave him no choice; he stuck it to her in an angry but controlled fashion.

There are thousands of juniors like Phil. We are fed up with being treated like crap and lied to by this corrupt government. We all want to be as good a doctors as we possibly can be for our patients and ourselves, this government is working against this grain. The government and its crony network that includes the DoH and PMETB is trying to destroy the medical profession and everything that has made medical training great in the UK. We must all use the fire in our bellies to fuel our rebellion against this malignant autocracy, they must be defeated at all costs.

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I support Phill said...

The Observer's Jasper Gerard today attacked Phil:

Frankly, doctor, your bedside manner stinks,,2073752,00.html

The journalist is amazingly ignorant and I urge all doctors/patients to read this nasty article, register and post a comment.

Phil spoke for all of us and should not suffer any harm because he stood for what he believed to be right.