Friday, 18 May 2007

Bite My Arse - BMA

This letter in the Times by Carol Black and James Johnson has created a storm of controversy with hundreds of doctors writing to voice their disagreement. It must be noted that Carol Black was directly appointed by Patricia Hewitt to her role, and that the DoH is refusing to release information concerning how she has been briefed to carry out this role. James Johnson is the beleaguered BMA boss who seems intent on siding with the government in just about everything.

The BMA are so popular now that it is rumoured that approaching one THOUSAND members have resigned since it became apparent that the BMA was betraying their members by siding with the DoH against Remedy. This is taken from the Remedy site:

"On Thursday 16th May, the counsel for the Secretary of State for Health presented the case in defense. the DoH revealed that the software for allocating jobs to candidates had never been finished (let alone tested) despite it being an integral part of the application system rushed through in January. The counsel for the BMA presented the case in opposition. The BMA describe MTAS as a ‘complete disaster’ but argue that “in the interest of doctors and patients, the modified system should continue

The BMA obviously felt the need to defend themselves:

"We remain committed to getting the best possible solution for our members, which we believe is for the interviews they have already had not to be written off, and for successful candidates to be appointed to long-term specialist training posts.

We do not share their support for a solution which would see our members appointed only to temporary, rather than long-term posts, and facing yet more uncertainty next year."

They might as well have kept their mouths firmly shut. This statement only confirms what we already knew, that the BMA are not representing their members. They do not support the solutions that the majority of doctors support, they are yet again speaking for themselves:

"Our position throughout this mess has been to fight for both our members’ interests and patient safety. ......... This would not be in the interests of our members and we therefore believe that the process for appointing doctors to run-through posts should continue, with all interviews that have taken place left to stand."

They are starting to sound more and more like Liam Donaldson every day, if this carries on it wouldn't surprise me if the BMA merges with the DoH to form some kind of hideous conglomerate.

The last few weeks have been very revealing. The BMA have been shown to be deeply unrepresentative of their members' views. They are acting in a Hewitt-esque manner now, ignoring valid criticism while returning fire with lame propaganda. The pretence has now gone and we can see the real BMA running for cover, leaving its members out it the cold with only Remedy to protect them.


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