Monday, 21 May 2007

How low can the BBC go?

"However, this was a far from universal view. Some doctors the BBC spoke to expressed anger over the actions of junior doctors involved with the pressure group Remedy UK with one describing them as a "rabid mob"."

The BBC have covered the resignation of James Johnson in their typically slanted manner. James Johnson should have gone a long time ago, it's embarassing that he only starts to speak out against the government once he has already resigned. This form of shoddy journalism should not be tolerated, it is frankly disgraceful.

They are spinning based on malicious rumour. They are slandering Remedy by calling them a 'rabid mob', hiding behind a claimed third party source.

The minority of juniors who are angry with Remedy are largely selfish and short sighted fools in my opinions. I know as a fact that some people who cheated and obtained four interviews will be amongst those angry with Remedy.

Remedy are fighting for fairness. There is simply no good argument against what they are fighting for. It is time to put our selfish urges to one side, and stand up against the unfair process that has been forced upon us by this government.

On the other hand the BMA have been apathetic and limp for years now. It is time they rose to the challenge that Remedy is setting them. The BMA should not be throwing around petty insults in Remedy's direction; they should take a long hard look in the mirror and realise they have to represent their members in the future, or risk dying.

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dreamingspire said...

Yes, “it's embarrassing that [James Johnson] only starts to speak out against the government once he has already resigned”. Its even worse that expertise has become so denigrated, right across the board. Time for a big change. For the NHS (not my speciality, although relatives and friends have made a lot of use of it, and now I make increasing use of it, and most of the time we have excellent outcomes, particularly recently) tonight’s discussion on BBC2’s Newsnight was, I hope, a harbinger of a change for the better: pointing out that it should be professionals working for excellent outcomes, government determining policy after taking due regard of the expertise of the medical profession. Sadly, JJ is too weak to stand up to the micro-managers as a professional must do, particularly when he is their representative.