Tuesday, 22 May 2007

DoH - breaking the law

It seems that the DoH's behaviour goes from bad to worse, it has now emerged that they have 'broken the law' by refusing to reveal the short listing scores of junior doctors in MTAS. The DoH was trying to hide behind the excuse of pretending that the short listing process was an 'examination':

“In these circumstances it is our view that the DoH cannot use this exemption to delay responses to subject access requests. We have made our view known to DoH and informed them that they should now take steps to respond to all the subject access requests.”

Quite right. The DoH's cover is at last being breached, let's hope it continues.

Post scriptum: I also cannot resist insulting the pathetic BBC again. Dr C has pointed out that their 'Newsnight' program on NHS morale consisted of a panel that was made up of a Tory politician, a Guardian hack who writes a la faeculaent Toynbee and the government lackie ex-BMA chairman (BBC didn't mention that he had resigned because he was representing himself and not his members). Yet more objective reason from them then.

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