Thursday, 10 May 2007

MTAS - whats the point?

MTAS is now displaying the above message. Essentially applicants must now contact their local deaneries to arrange their interviews, MTAS is now being completely bypassed.
Each applicant in England now has one interview that is arranged locally via direct contact with the particular deanery involved.
The shortlisting process has been abandoned as it is useless psycho babbling hog wash.
However all interviews that have already taken place currently stand, thus those fortunate applicants who have had more than one interview will benefit from the unfair short listing process. The process is therefore blatantly unfair still.
Essentially MTAS is now not being used at all and has been the principal cause of this rank unfairness. It begs the question, what was the f*cking point of MTAS in thee first place?

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Little Professor said...

In thee first place? It wasn't my first place, I'll have you know!!!