Thursday, 31 May 2007


The last few days have been extremely traumatic for everyone going through the MTAS process this year. Jobs have finally started to be offered to candidates, however the never ending torture is continuing for the majority.

The offering of jobs by deaneries has been a bit of a disorganised muddle to say the least. Candidates have had no idea on which day their email should arrive if they are successful, and there have been virtually no emails sent out which convey a negative result. Hence thousands of people have been left in a state of agonising limbo not knowing if they have a job or not, and not knowing whether they will be one of the lucky few to benefit from other people turning down one of their multiple offers.

I find the fact that most unsuccessful candidates have to find out their fate via third parties and the Internet to be completely unacceptable. Surely common decency obliges the deaneries to inform candidates that they have not been initially selected? It is inhumane to keep people in this never ending state of limbo, people have been subjected to enough stress already this year. It is typically good practice for an employer to inform job applicants whether they have been successful or not, so why have so few candidates had an email saying 'no' to put them out of their misery?

It is hard enough finding out whether you have a job or not, but when it is done in such a drawn out tortuous fashion it does make it a lot harder. I shouldn't be surprised that the disorganisation continues, but it saddens me that so many people have to suffer so much thanks to the government's rank incompetence. It is after all primarily the fault of the government for pushing through their useless policy at far too fast a pace.


Anonymous said...

When did common decency or good practice sully MTAS?

citizenbloggs said...

With Scotland always trying to show-off and be ahead of everybody else (Poll Tax, Smoking Ban, etc.), many juniors have already been through this toture once and are now enduring a second dose. However, the constant torture of not knowing is almost preferable to the the final devestating climax when they realease the results and you have no email.

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