Monday, 28 May 2007

The Black death

There are some very interesting turns of phrase in this letter which is in the Times today. Prof Morris Brown et al do not mince their words as blame is laid firmly at the door of PMETB, while there are some veiled comments regarding a certain infamous letter that was recently in the Times 'repudiating the democratic opposition':

'Doctors were then stunned by two letters, not apparently from the silent CMO, but a defence of him signed by the colleges and the BMA. These threatened disciplinary action against rebels and (letter, May 17 ) repudiated the democratic opposition to the disaster with an order for doctors to unite behind the CMO’s creation.'

There are some thinly veiled comments about a certain female puppet of the state:

'By contrast, the independent doctors on a review body were outnumbered by the CMO and his staff from the DoH; and it is regarded as acceptable that someone close to the Department of Health can act as spokesperson for the royal colleges and sit on the independent body monitoring medical appointments and training.'

The complete dependence of the 'independent' review panel is remarked upon, while the finger is pointed firmly at one particular government stooge. It is completely unacceptable that such a government crony can be given such a powerful role, the conflict of interest is rather glaring.

As Prof Morris Brown says, there must be an immediate separation of powers.

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