Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dishonest manager-led patient torture

This current news story is old news, the sad thing is that this shocking treatment of patients has been going on for years now and it is completely evidence free and dishonest. Patients are being left in severe pain as their local managers are stopping their local surgeons carrying out joint replacement surgery which is the best evidence based treatment of their painful condition. Stupid managers in the Department of Health are trying to justify it by saying:
"When clinicians and patients are making decisions about joint replacement surgery, it is right that other procedures - which could provide better outcomes for patients and provide better value for taxpayers - are also considered."

What utter lies. I wonder if the above Department of Health manager knows which procedures are able to provide better pain relief than a joint replacement for patients with end stage osteoarthritis? I will not mince my words. Certain filthy individuals are trying to save money in the most disgraceful manner possible, by denying patients the best and most appropriate treatment for their medical conditions. It is quite simply beneath contempt. This non-clinician led cost cutting is based on zero scientific evidence, it is simply inhumane torture in my eyes. The worst thing about all this is that by trying to save money, the alternatives to surgery are more expensive than the surgery itself, it makes no sense on any level at all:
"The double jeopardy is that patients wait longer in pain, and when they have the operation, the result might not have been as good as it otherwise would have been had they had it early. "