Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Corrupt Bill edges through Lords

So as expected the Health Bill has won two crucial votes in the House of Lords today.  One would think that large numbers of those voting in the Lords would be objective and making a decision based on the evidence.  Unfortunately this is not the case, this Mirror piece today makes it rather clear that large numbers of Lords have rather significant conflicts of interest in this regard.

The BBC has reported things in their typically pro-government manner, interesting to see their question at the end of the article 'should doctors be given more financial power?', insinuating that the Bill puts power in the hands of doctors which is a great piece of spin.  Certainly some doctors will have some power in commissioning in the brave new NHS, however to pretend that the government won't be overseeing the new corrupt tendering process by favouring its friends in the corporate health care world is extremely naive.

Lansley is a lying corrupt toad and this government stinks for the way in which it is forcing through this dishonest disgrace of a piece of destructive policy.  The Bill does nothing other than privatise the NHS, it will introduce a new pseudo-market that will allow the government's friends in big business to profit from the easy health care work, while local NHS services and emergency care will be undermined and shafted.  Bevan is remembered as a great, Lansley will be remembered as the very opposite of great.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

#Blockthebill and corrupt media

A mass protest is currently taking place on Westminster Bridge in London.  UKUncut has organised this protest against the corrupt and dishonest health Bill that is currently being railroaded through by the coalition government. 

The reasons for this protest are the same old reasons that we all have in opposing this dreadful destructive piece of legislation.  The public and the NHS staff are united against this Bill.  The worst thing about it is that the government have no mandate for the Bill, they promised they would protect the NHS, much like New Labour did before them, they have since gone back on their word and have set about dismantling and privatising our national health service.

The worst thing about all this is the way in which the mainstream media are yet again showing us their true colours.  Generally very few in the media have actually explained what the Bill means, maybe some of them don't understand it, it is also clear that some do not want to cover this issue objectively.

Today the media's lack of objectivity has yet again been demonstrated.  The BBC and SkyNews seem to be trying to ignore the blockade of the bridge, they prefer to concentrate on Paul McCartney's latest wedding, how very very tedious and what a sad indictment of their priorities.  At least the Guardian is making a proper effort to cover things.  I suspect the Channel 4 news will yet again show the BBC up with some far superior coverage of events tonight.

Thousands protesting about corrupt dishonest government health reform should be making the top headlines, it's a great shame that the media seem to be helping the government out with their policy of brushing the public's protests under the carpet.  It is sad that our so called democracy has been reduced to this.  If this Bill manages to get through the Lords it will truly be a very sad day indeed for this country.

Letter to the Lords

I have taken the liberty of repeating this letter than Dr Grumble has recently reproduced on his blog.  I would strongly urge anyone to sign up, time is fast running out:

"As doctors in England, we are writing to you to express our conviction that the Health and Social Care Bill will irreparably undermine the most important and admirable principles of the National Health Service, and to appeal for its rejection by the House of Lords.

Because it is universal and comprehensive, and publicly accountable, and because clinical decisions are made without regard for financial gain, the NHS is rightly regarded all over the world as the benchmark for fairness and equity in healthcare provision.

The transfer of services to private, profit-making companies will result in loss of public accountability and a damaging focus instead on low-risk areas that are financially profitable. A confused patchwork of competing providers will deliver a fragmented and inequitable service and any reliance on personal health budgets or insurance policies will further increase inequality. Because there will be a financial incentive for providing treatment patients will be over-treated, the potential costs of which are limitless. And the possibility of the commissioning role being outsourced to the private sector is also deeply concerning.

In forcing through this ill-conceived Bill, without an electoral mandate and against the strident objections of healthcare professionals, the Government is also ignoring overwhelming evidence that healthcare markets are inefficient and expensive to administer.

The public has been misled throughout, first by claims that no major reorganisation of the NHS would be undertaken, later by repeated denials that what is happening represents privatisation, and furthermore by suggestions that the Bill enjoys the support of the medical profession. We do not accept the argument that "things have already gone too far" - the enactment of some of the Bill's proposals has been premature and illegal, however some of its most damaging aspects may still be mitigated.

We believe that on moral, clinical and economic grounds, the Health and Social Care Bill must be rejected."

Email to add your name on.  Do not hesitate, every little bit of resistance helps.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Bill of disgrace

I must apologise for my absence from the blogosphere over recent months, it has certainly been a strange old time in the NHS. The health news has been dominated by the Health Bill but the word 'dominated' doesn't really express the fact that the media have not covered this issue well or objectively in my opinion.

The bias and lack of objectivity in the media as regards health as been demonstrated perfectly by the way in which this destructive and dishonest government policy has been ushered through thus far. The media just haven't got to grips with the issues and it was almost swept under the carpet as the Bill narrowly passed through the House of Commons.

Dr Grumble's recent post shows just how deep the feeling is against this Bill, this letter gets across just how dangerous the Bill is and how it spells the end of a national service as we know it. The Bill is not what the liars of politicians pretend it to be, it is the blueprint for the mass privatisation of the NHS, anyone denying this is simply lying. The fact that the media have not widely acknowledged this makes it clear they have not bothered to read the Bill or they are liars.

The NHS has many faults but these can be worked on in many effective ways without the mass privatisation of services, in fact the mass privatisation is likely to drive down standards and reduce the continuity of care further. Arguing that the Bill is a dangerous corrupt disaster does not mean that I do not want some effective future reform, the point is that this 'reform' is not progress, it is a regressive and dangerous step backwards for the nation's health.

I just hope and pray that the Lords can stand up for the best interests of the people of this country, the politicians have already let the people down and the Lords are our last hope.