Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Bill of disgrace

I must apologise for my absence from the blogosphere over recent months, it has certainly been a strange old time in the NHS. The health news has been dominated by the Health Bill but the word 'dominated' doesn't really express the fact that the media have not covered this issue well or objectively in my opinion.

The bias and lack of objectivity in the media as regards health as been demonstrated perfectly by the way in which this destructive and dishonest government policy has been ushered through thus far. The media just haven't got to grips with the issues and it was almost swept under the carpet as the Bill narrowly passed through the House of Commons.

Dr Grumble's recent post shows just how deep the feeling is against this Bill, this letter gets across just how dangerous the Bill is and how it spells the end of a national service as we know it. The Bill is not what the liars of politicians pretend it to be, it is the blueprint for the mass privatisation of the NHS, anyone denying this is simply lying. The fact that the media have not widely acknowledged this makes it clear they have not bothered to read the Bill or they are liars.

The NHS has many faults but these can be worked on in many effective ways without the mass privatisation of services, in fact the mass privatisation is likely to drive down standards and reduce the continuity of care further. Arguing that the Bill is a dangerous corrupt disaster does not mean that I do not want some effective future reform, the point is that this 'reform' is not progress, it is a regressive and dangerous step backwards for the nation's health.

I just hope and pray that the Lords can stand up for the best interests of the people of this country, the politicians have already let the people down and the Lords are our last hope.

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