Saturday, 18 August 2007

Healthspeak, a form of news speak?

"Has healthcare become infected with the wrong words?

Are health managers mired in management-speak? How good are clinicians at using language that patients can understand? The reform programme has introduced the language of the market, but for many it still sticks in the craw.

Nuffield Hospitals is initiating a debate about the vocabulary which has grown up around the delivery and management of healthcare.

Are there words and phrases you would like to see expunged from healthcare altogether?

Join the debate by clicking on ‘comments’ below. You don’t need a TypeKey or TypePad account to post a comment. The contributions will be reflected in a report to be published in November."

The government continues its drive to erode what it actually means to have done some training and been educated as a professional. It's strange that these days the word doctor is rarely mentioned, almost as if a medical degree doesn't really matter anymore. In an attempt to dumb down and cheapen standards everyone is being amalgamated into a 'practitioner' grade, training doesn't matter anymore, medicine is seen as something like baking a cake and everyone can have a crack.

The nurse 'consultant' has been created, whatever that is supposed to mean, personally I have no idea. The public are being tricked as the new breed of incompetent introduce themselves as doctors despite having the most inadequate of educations. In this brave new NHS with no proper standards we are all 'health care practitioners', everyone has been dumped in the same crate of faeces.

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