Sunday, 13 July 2008

Iwantgreatcare - farce in the making

Taken from, a new insecure website created by Dr Neil Bacon for the government which enables anonymous patients to feedback on individual doctors (see the Jobbing doctor for a good lowdown on this story):

"Q: I objectively believe this is damaging to doctors, can't you just drop this whole idea?

Respectfully, no. It is clear from the evidence base that effective communication improves clinical outcomes, improves patient satisfaction, reduces the risk of medical errors and reduces the risk of litigation. The evidence also clearly reports patients can effectively judge doctors' communication skills to this effect. If you are aware of any peer-reviewed evidence that contradicts this summary, please email details to

If you are fixed in your belief that iWantGreatCare is damaging to doctors, please consider that iWantGreatCare is advised by a range of respected doctors and the emerging requirements for revalidation make patient ratings of your care fundamental to the measurement of your work. It is also clear, even with superficial knowledge of medical history, that this is not the first and will certainly not be the last new way of working that is challenging for some doctors. "

Dear Dr Bacon and GMC/government cronies,

There is also an abundant amount of evidence that useless poorly designed insecure websites can result in a lot of damage being done very unfairly to people who do not deserve it.

In fact a lot of websites have found themselves in legal trouble for allowing the baseless assassination of people's characters on their pages, what a shame if this happened to your great website.

I like it how one can only rate doctors if they have been one's colleague recently, I find it strange that there is no mechanism for rating doctors in politics or management despite the fact that their work has a massive impact on our working lives.

Why can we not rate Lord Darzi for his work proving the government with backing for their continued destructive privatisation of the NHS?

Why can we not rate Sir Liam for his pitiful work that failed to represent the profession regarding MTAS and MMC and his hermit like existence ever since?

Why can we not rate Dame Carol for taking on a lot of responsibilities and then failing to do her job properly by neglecting glaring problems that were staring her in the face?

I wonder if this is anything to do with the fact the Iwantgreatcare was created in consultation with the GMC, the Department of Health et al.

I wonder if this is because the likes of Iwantgreatcare sum up the the complete lack of accountability that is present in the political and medicopolitical establishments which is present from the very top.

Those like myself who work on the front line are already very accountable for our actions, it is remarkably easy for a patient to complain given the mechanisms in place, the argument that Iwantgreatcare will improve patient care is disingenuous.

The real motives for it are revealed by Professor Bulstrode's slip of the tongue:

'Doctors will feel threatened'

Our morally bankrupt leaders want to control and bully the only accountable people in the NHS a bit more, it is the sign of the Stalinist system that we live in today, those at the top are free to do as they see fit and would only leave office if doctors launched a military coup to depose them from power.

Respectfully you can stick your poor excuse for a website where the sun don't shine. I have no problem receiving feedback from my patients, however if this is to be done it should be done in a very regulated and secure manner so that no unnecessary harm can result from baseless vindictive slander. The good feedback is also meaningless as the website is not secure.

So overall the site is of no benefit to anyone and could potentially result in a lot of harm coming to a profession that already has amongst the highest rates of mental illness of any profession.

Respectfully if you genuinely cared about improving patient care then you would be better off investing your efforts in forcing those in positions of power in politics and in the medical establishment to act in the best interests of doctors and patients, rather than bullying doctors and acting in their own self interest, while remaining completely unaccountable for their negligent actions.

For example in medical training the DH, PMETB, Royal Colleges and government have been found to be grossly incompetent in their actions and this must be having a massive negative negative impact on patient care. However I see that no one has been called to account yet.

One rule for us and another for our masters, again, it's alright for you though Dr Bacon, you've now engineered a position for yourself that is away from the trench rot of front line accountability. Congratulations, I hope you are proud of your achievements.

ps Have a look at the mickey take site, very amusing indeed; Dr Crippen and Rita Pal have also had their say, while apparently Iain Dale has been defending the site on the BBC. It's funny how politicians are so keen for doctors to be subject to anonymous abuse while politicians are frequently completely unaccountable for their mistakes.


Jobbing Doctor said...

I can't actually believe this farce is for real. Agree with your analysis and views 100%. I had to edit my last post considerably as the first draft was not in the Queen's english!

Garth Marenghi said...

ha ha!

It's beyond a joke. As doctors we are very accountable to patients already.

The doctor patient relationship has already become too patient-led with patients become too demanding, for example not appreciating that doctors have other patients to see on ward rounds and in clinics, they cannot demand an hour each and then complain because of real life time constraints.

It is frequently in the best interests of patients to tell them what they do not want to hear, it often bad medicine to keep the patient happy.

This kind of dumbed down rubbish encourages a dangerous pandering to patients that is not in the interests of providing them with optimal care.

The dumbed down nature of the patient feedback and the insecure nature of the site make it wholly unnacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Great story; I have followed it up.

Joy to find this:

Bacon rated as a crappy doctor in a public site that predates his.

Live by the sword; die by the sword!!

What a tosser


Anonymous said...

Given the dismally poor ratings of Lord Darzi and Sir Liam one has to say that these sites do seem to get things spot on. Though the ratings on Dr Shipman do seem rather inaccurate.

I also thought the comment below left about an accupuncturist seemed fairly accurate with regard to the description about the needles:

I went to see her due to stress and a neck problem I was suffering from a few years ago. Since having the treatment from her I have been suffering from chronically dizzy spells which is affecting my balance. When I am standing up, my feet feels unsteady all of the time as though I am floating back and forwards on a boat. I also experience dizziness from the head and not feel comfortable at all when I sit down either. She is completely useless and doesn't have a clue what she is doing. She also forget to take a cupping of my back and leaves needles in you.

Anonymous said...

I trust, my dear ferret, that you will not be printing this:

LizzyFerret said...

Ferret, your spot on as usual.
I sometimes wonder why I jumped through so many hoops to get into a profession that the goverment try their damned to ruin, and joe public thinks the own.

Thank heavens for Dr Crippen, The Jobbing Doc and yourself, you guys keep it real.

Bacon will be smoked soon enough, lets hope!

Anonymous said...

HAving visited this site now a couple of times it seems to be failing on all counts. Any negative comments are taken down as soon as they appear, presumably because Dr Bacon doesn't wish to be sued for defamation, therefore posters can only make positive comments defeating the object of the entire exercise. Furthermore it is possible to post comments on the site using fake email addresses therefore anyone with a personal grudge can destroy a doctor's reputation and never be held to account for it.

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