Monday, 2 February 2009

The PCT list: New Labour's NHS legacy part 2

Following on from the original list, courtesy of a kind GP I have been updated that the initial list was not nearly comprehensive enough. Here goes, it's a bit of a mammoth beast, be warned, here are the lists of the job titles of those working in a few other subsections of the very same PCT (I have had to shrink the font due to the great length of this list):

* Acting Purchasing Team Leader
* Acting Supplies Manager
* Acting Supplies Support Team Leader/Trainee Buyer
* Action On Smoking Coordinator
* Active Lifestyles Development Officer
* Admin Assistant
* Admin Support Officer (Commissioning)
* Administration Officer – Supplies
* Administrator – Health Promotion
* Administrator, PA To Associate Director of Clinical Standards
* Administrator/PA Dental Services
* Assistant Business Accountant – Business Development
* Assistant Director – Communications
* Assistant Director - Corporate Development
* Assistant Director – Equality & Diversity
* Assistant Director Clinical Quality, Commissioning/ Deputy Director
* Assistant Director of Commissioning & Contracting
* Assistant Director of Finance (Commissioning)
* Assistant Director of Finance (Financial Management)
* Assistant Director of Finance (Financial Planning & Performance)
* Assistant Director of Public Health Training & Development
* Assistant Director Patient Safety & Clinical Governance
* Assistant Financial Accountant
* Assistant Management Accountant – Business Development
* Assistant Management Accountant (x3)
* Associate Director
* Associate Director of Public Health
* Breath Test Coordinator / Receptionist
* Business Development Manager
* Business Manager – Public Health
* Buyer – Purchasing Team
* Cancer Screening Coordinator
* Cardiac Network, Services Development Manager
* Chair (x2)
* Chief Executive
* Choose & Book Lead & Development Facilitator
* Citizens Advice
* Claims And Litigation Manager
* Clinical Governance Manager
* Clinical Quality Administrator
* Clinical Quality Coordinator (x2)
* Clinical Quality Manager (Care Homes)
* Clinical Receptionist
* Commissioning
* Commissioning Choose & Book Officer/ Commissioning Officer
* Commissioning Improvement Manager
* Commissioning Information Performance Manager
* Commissioning Lead For Younger Adults Physically Disabled
* Commissioning Manager
* Commissioning Manager CHD/Diabetes
* Commissioning Support (Temp)
* Communications Administrator
* Communications Assistant (FOI, Media & Campaigns)
* Communications Officer (Media & Campaigns)
* Compliance Support Officer
* Consultant – Public Health (Clinical Effectiveness)
* Consultant In Dental Public Health
* Continuing Care Case Manager
* Continuing Care Manager/Clinical Lead
* Continuing Care Network Lead
* Continuing Care Nurse/Care Manager
* Continuing Care Secondment
* Corporate & Legal Services Support Officer
* Corporate Services Manager (x2)
* Counselling Administrator
* Director of Clinical Quality & Nursing
* Director of Commissioning & Informatics
* Director of Corporate Strategy
* Director of Dental Services
* Director of Finance And Performance
* Director of Health Promotion
* Director of Human Resources And Organisational Development
* Director of Public Health
* Directorate Secretary - Public Health
* Domestics Supervisor
* Driver & Admin
* Employer Adviser
* End of Life Programme Facilitator
* Exercise Recommendation Coordinator
* Finance (x2)
* Finance Assistant – Financial Management
* Finance Assistant – Financial Services
* Finance Assistant – Treasury Management (x2)
* Finance Assistant (Temp) (x2)
* Finance Assistant (x5)
* Finance Manager
* Finance Manager - Patients Monies & Charitable Funds
* Finance Officer (x2)
* Finance Officer, Treasury Management
* Finance Officer–Financial Management–Treasury
* Finance Team Leader
* Finance Team Leader – Treasury Management
* Finance Trainee
* Financial Accountant – Financial Management
* Financial Team Manager – Treasury Function
* Free Nursing Coordinator
* Funded Nurse Care – Lead Nurse
* General Office Administrator (x2)
* General Office Administrator/ Physical Activity & Obesity Adviser
* Head of Cancer Commissioning
* Head of Clinical Quality (Commissioning)
* Head of Clinical Quality, Primary Care Independent Contractors
* Head of Commissioning Improvement Team
* Head of Corporate Governance
* Head of Disability Services, Children, Young People & Disabilities
* Head of Financial Management
* Head of Financial Planning & Performance
* Head of Information, Commissioning
* Head of Long Term Condition Programme
* Head of Practice Based Commissioning Finance
* Head of Primary Care Finance
* Head of Professional Development (Children's Services)
* Head of Professional Development (Community Hospitals)
* Head of Rehabilitation & Intermediate Care
* Head of Speech And Language Therapy
* Head of Strategy & Planning
* Health Improvement Officer
* Health Improvement Specialist
* Health Promoting Schools Adviser (x2)
* Health Promotion
* Health Promotion Admin Assistant
* Health Promotion Driver/Admin Assistant
* Health Promotion Service Administrator
* Health Trainer Programme Coordinator
* Healthy Business Adviser
* Healthy Schools Adviser (x3)
* Healthy Workforce Nurse
* Highly Specialised Podiatrist
* Hotel Services - Catering
* Infection Control Champion Programme Facilitator
* Infection Prevention & Control Educator (Nursing Homes)
* Infection Prevention & Control Nurse Specialist
* Infection Prevention & Control Team Leader
* Infection Prevention & Patient Safety Clinical Specialist
* Learning Coordinator – Health Trainers
* Long Term Conditions Administrative Officer (Commissioning)
* Long Term Conditions Commissioning Administrator
* Long Term Conditions Commissioning Manager
* Long Term Conditions Manager
* Management Accountant – Rehab & Intermediate Care Services
* Management Accountant (x4)
* Medical Director/PEC Chair
* Medical Secretary
* Medicines Management Technician (x2)
* Men’s Health Programme Manager
* Non-Executive Director (x7)
* Nurse Practitioner – Rapid Response Nursing Team
* Office Manager (Public Health)
* Operational HR Business Partner
* Orthopaedic Screening Secretary (x2)
* PA (Temp)
* PA (x2)
* PA Older People Advisor
* PA Public Health
* PA To Assistant Public Health Director
* PA To Associate Director of Clinical Quality (Commissioning)/Deputy Director
* PA To Associate Director of Communications & Associate Director of Corporate Development
* PA To Chair And Chief Executive
* PA To Director of Commissioning & Informatics
* PA To Director of Finance And Performance
* PA To Director of HR & Organisational Development
* PA To Director of Public Health
* PA To Directorate of Corporate Strategy & Trust Board Support Officer
* PA To Health Improvement Specialist
* PA To Medical Director/PEC Chair
* PA To PH Specialist Pharmaceutical Manager/Research Manager
* PA/Admin Support - Corporate Strategy
* PA/Secretary – Public Health
* PALS & Dental Temp
* PALS & PPI Manager
* PALS Information/Admin Officer
* Physical Activity & Obesity Advisor (x6)
* Physical Activity & Obesity Programme Manager
* Physical Activity Diet And Obesity Coordinator
* Physical Activity Programme Manager
* Physical Activity, Diet & Obesity Programme Manager (Men's Health)
* Podiatric Consultant
* Podiatric Specialist Registrar
* Podiatrist
* Podiatry
* Podiatry Reception
* Porter (x2)
* PPI/PALS Officer (x2)
* Primary Care Administrator
* Primary Care Lead Pharmacist (x2)
* Primary Care Locality Manager
* Primary Care Support & Development Manager (x2)
* Professional Development & Patient Safety Officer
* Professional Development Lead
* Professional Development Lead (Community Hospitals)
* Project Lead Community Nursing Services Development
* Project Worker – Action On Smoking
* Public Health
* Public Health Analyst
* Public Health Partnership Manager
* Public Health Secretary
* Public Health Training Network Administrator
* Public Health Workforce Manager
* Receptionist (am)
* Receptionist (pm)
* Receptionist/Telephonist (am)
* Receptionist/Telephonist (pm)
* Research Assistant
* Research Manager
* Research Officer
* Resource Library Manager
* Schools & Young People Team Coordinator
* Screening Manager For Long Term Conditions
* Secondary SRE Adviser
* Senior Buyer – Contracts Team (x3)
* Senior Buyer – Purchasing Team (x2)
* Senior Commissioning Officer
* Senior Dental Nurse
* Senior Financial Accountant
* Senior Management Accountant (x6)
* Smoking Cessation Adviser
* Specialist Community Public Health Nurse/Stop Smoking Advisor
* Specialist Pharmaceutical Adviser For Public Health
* Specialist Registrar In Dental Public Health
* Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor (x8)
* Specialist Trainee In Public Health (x2)
* Staff Podiatrist
* Stop Smoking Adviser (x7)
* Stop Smoking Facilitator
* Supplies Manager
* Supplies Support Officer (x3)
* Support Manager For Continuing Care
* Support Officer, Prescribing & Meds Management
* Support Pharmacist
* Support Services Manager/PA To Director of Health Promotion
* Systems Assistant (x2)
* Systems Manager
* Team Leader Stop Smoking Service
* Telephonist (am)
* Telephonist (pm)
* Temp Continuing Care
* Temporary Secretary
* Tobacco Control Project Worker
* Tobacco Control Worker
* Tobacco Control Worker/Outreach Worker
* Trainee Buyer
* Training
* Workplace Health Coordinator
* Workplace Health Project Worker


* 5-A-Day Coordinator
* Acting Team Manager – Specialist Team – Speech & Language
* Admin Support (Primary & Community Services)
* Admin Support Officer (Commissioning)
* Admin Support To XXX
* Administrator For Locality Mgr, Adults & Older People – Community
* Assistant Accountant (Sure Start/Commissioning)
* Assistant Clinical Director - Medical Directorate
* Assistant Complaints Manager
* Assistant Director - Integrated Governance
* Assistant Director – Strategy
* Assistant Director Commissioning & Contracting
* Assistant Director Medicines Management
* Assistant Director of Finance (Provider Services)
* Assistant Director of Information & Mental Health Commissioning
* Assistant Director of Planning
* Assistant Director of Planning & Programme Support
* Assistant Director of Public Health Clinical Effectiveness
* Assistant Financial Accountant
* Assistant Head of Adults & OP
* Back Care Advisor
* Chlamydia Screening Admin/Secretarial
* Chlamydia Screening Programme Coordinator
* Chronic Disease Management Nurse
* Clerical Officer
* Clerical Officer – Corporate Strategy
* Clinical Advisor
* Clinical Placement Facilitator
* Commissioning Lead Provider Services
* Communications Manager
* Communications Officer (Publications & Websites)
* Community Rehab Team
* Complaints Manager (x2)
* Complaints Support Officer
* Consultant In Public Health (x2)
* Continuing Care Nurse/Care Manager (x2)
* Continuing Care Secretary
* Database/Course Administrator
* DATIX Officer
* Day Unit Receptionist
* Environmental Manager
* Estates Project Manager
* External Communications Officer
* Finance
* Finance Assistant (Temporary)
* Finance Officer
* Fire Safety Advisor
* Fresh Start Advisor
* Fresh Start Advisor (Public Health)
* Fresh Start Pregnancy Advisor
* Fresh Start Specialist Advisor
* Funded Nursing Care – Assessment Nurse (x2)
* Governance Information Manager
* Governance Officer
* HCA (x2)
* Head of Adults & Older People
* Head of Complaints
* Head of Finance Provider Services
* Head of IM&T Strategy – Provider Development
* Head of Integration
* Head of Learning Disabilities Commissioning (Health)
* Head of Organisation Development And Core Education
* Head of Planned Care
* Head of PPI/PALS (x2)
* Head of Risk Management
* Head of Urgent Care
* Health & Safety
* Health & Safety Administrator
* Health & Safety Assistant
* Health & Safety Manager
* Health Promoting Schools Advisor
* Health Promotion Administrator
* Health Promotion Assistant (pm)
* Health Referral Administrator
* Health Referral Administrator – Public Health Department
* Healthy Schools Advisor (x3)
* Hotel Services
* Hotel Services Administrator
* Hotel Services Assistant Manager
* Hotel Services Manager
* Housing & Health Strategy Manager
* HPS Coordinator (Public Health)
* HR Advisor – Operation Business Partner
* HV Manager
* Infection Prevention & Control Nurse
* Information Officer (x2)
* Integrated Governance Administrator
* Integrated Governance Officer
* Interim Human Resources Manager (Temporary)
* Intermediate Care Coordinator
* Intermediate Care Pharmacist
* Intermediate Care Sister
* Intermediate Care Team Leader
* Knowledge Manager (x2)
* Knowledge Services Manager
* Learning & Development Manager
* Learning And Development Facilitator – Core Learning
* Library Technician – Knowledge Services
* Locality Lead Rehabilitation And Immediate Care
* Management Accountant – Specialist Rehab Services
* Medical Directorate Administrator
* Medical Secretary
* Medicine Management Programme Facilitator
* MTS Trainee
* NPfIT (x3)
* NPfIT Admin Assistant
* NPfIT Project Manager
* NPfIT Project Team Leader
* Office Administrator
* On Secondment to XXX
* Outpatient Physio, OT & MSK Services Lead
* PA to Assistant Director of Commissioning (x2)
* PA to Public Health Dept. Director And Public Health Consultant
* PA to Public Health Strategy Managers
* PA to XXX (x2)
* PA/Commissioning Officer
* Pharmacy Technician
* Physio
* Physiotherapist, Intermediate Care Team
* Podiatry (x2)
* Prescribing Advisor
* Prescribing Support Advisor
* Prescribing Support Technician
* Primary Care Commissioning Officer (x2)
* Project Manager – PCT Provider Services Commissioning
* Project Worker
* Provider Development – Locality Manager
* Provider Development – Urgent Care & Inpatients – Locality Manager
* Provider Services (x3)
* Public Health Project And Campaigns Officer
* Public Health Trainee (x2)
* Receptionist /Telephonist (x2)
* Secretary – Complaints Team
* Senior Financial Accountant – Financial Management
* Senior Management Accountant – Business Development & Reference Costs
* Senior Management Accountant – LTC & Community Nursing Services
* Senior Management Accountant – Specialist Services, Capital/LIFT
* Senior Public Health Strategy Manager
* Senior Public Health Strategy Manager (Tu/Th/F)
* Senior Rehab Support Worker
* Sexual Health Development Manager
* Site Services & Admin Manager
* Smoking Cessation Advisor (x2)
* Specialist Registrar In Public Health
* Specialist Services Manager
* Speech & Language Therapist (x6)
* Speech & Language Therapy Assistant (4)
* Speech & Language Therapy Manager (Adults)
* Speech & Language Therapy Support Worker (Admin)
* SRE Project Worker - Primary
* Team Leader Physiotherapist Out-Patients Physiotherapy
* Team Manager – Speech And Language Therapy
* Temp PA to XXX
* Unison
* Weight Management Coordinator

Be warned, this list is not anyway near the whole PCT staff. I would also emphasis that several of the jobs on the list are jobs which involve a fair bit of clinical work. However the vast majority of these jobs are managerial and involve either no or very little clinical component, what about the need for a 5-A-day coordinator!. This list is New Labour's NHS legacy, it is the incredibly top heavy management structure that is bringing the country to its knees, it is wasteful, it is inefficient, it is foolish, it is unproductive, it is so very New Labour.

When I talk of money not getting through to the front line, this is what I talk of, and remember the hospitals also have their own management staff, the GPs have their own managers locally, the SHAs and Department of Health are full of more managers too, this list is but the tip of the immense iceberg that is sinking ship NHS.


The witch from Essex said...

I have an email list of over 200 NHS funded 'smoking cessation' clinics across the country/ These must obviously be staffed with secretaries, have office space and equipment all paid for by the NHS.
No wonder the hospitals are filthy and understaffed by nurses and doctors.

Doc Doc said...

Not sure but I think it was your blog sometime ago that picked up on an Oxford PCT that had grown from 6 staff to 2500!

Think the list may therefore be incomplete!

Garth Marenghi said...

It probably is!

However it would probably tire people out too much to go down such an extensive list

Man with Many Chins said...

No real surprise though is it....

Anonymous said...

What a total waste.. Now multiply all that burocracy by however many PCTs there are, then multiply again by all the other meaningless, pointless quangos and NGOs in this country and you must be talking billions and billions wasted every year.

It's very very depressing.

Anonymous said...

wtf,if 95% of the non clinical posts were cut,on a nationwide basis,qnd the money ploughed in to frontline facilities, then we might have world class healthcare. im my dreams ! the suits will always shaft the clinical frontline staff

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If most of those posts were cut, our frontline staff would be doing a heck of a lot more stuff that WASN'T treating patients. And many of those ARE frontline jobs and many more are not beauracracy, but essential jobs such as public health director. Without one a good public health department clinicians would spend everything "first come first served" with no idea of how many people with what diseases were in the local area and no ability to plan spending or anticipate demand for different services and then there would be no drugs/treatments/appointments for anyone else left...

Brilliant idea lumping all those jobs together...not!


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