Tuesday, 11 August 2009

No waiting lists? Oh dear Burnham as swine flu misdiagnosis kills

Andy Burnham may be a nice bloke in his private life, he may enjoy football, but at the end of the day he is still an incompetent fool who has been caught with his pants down time and time again. Not only has Mr Burnham been caught telling untruths in Parliament on medical issues, he is now peddling utter bullshit as fact in many areas of health policy.

To be fair to Burnham he may not be being deliberately dishonest here, he appears more like a stupid schoolboy who is way out of his depth. The problems with Tamiflu are blatant, it's benefits are mild at best, while its negatives may well outweigh them. The whole Swine flu business smells very much of a useless government pretending to be doing something when it would be better off doing nothing and reassuring people.

The useless and completely dangerous swine flu hotline is not something new for this government, empowering the uneducated is a real hallmark of this government. As many of us predicted deaths are resulting from lethal septic episodes that have been assumed to be swine flu by the undertrained diagnosticians that have been empowered by our cretinous politicians.

The truth is that swine flu is a pretty benign disease, we would be much better off without any stupid NHS call centres manned by numpties, everyone should just go about things as normal unless they become unwell. The unwell then need to be assessed by those with appropriate training, ie medical degrees and experience in medicine. This lame duck of a government had a massive stockpile of useless tablets and wanted to become popular by being seen to be doing something, unfortunately it is doing more harm than good in its misguided attempts to interfere when no interference would be the less harmful option.

Burnham also seems to think waiting lists are a thing of the past. I would like to remind him that this is a complete lie. Waiting lists are alive and well, in fact the 18 weeks target for surgery is resulting in clinical need being thrown out of the window. Because of the blanket targets the most minor and non urgent of surgery is given a disproportionate amount of influence, this results in the more urgent clinical need of others being ignored in favour of elective surgery. This government doesn't seem to realise that rearranging the deckchairs doesn't magically create more deckchairs. So frankly Mr Burnham I don't care if you're a nice bloke when stoking the barbie on your sundays off, your work as health minister stinks and you are blatantly out of your depth.

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