Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tamiflu fog and the swine flu hype

I always suspected that the 'swine flu' hype would turn out to be nonsense, the weak government and its stooges like the CMO, Liam Donaldson, wanted to create a wave of public fear and profit from exaggerating the dangers of the disease. It is class Orwellian stuff for a weak regime to exaggerate an external threat so that they can profit from trying to appear all powerful and masterful in dealing with the threat that inevitably turns out to be not much of a threat at all.

The much hyped threat of 'swine flu' appears to be dying slowly as a frenzy of controversy surrounds the drug company Roche which has made billions from flogging lots of its 'Tamiflu' drug to numerous governments around the globe. This week's BMJ makes fascinating reading for once, I would strongly urge anyone with any interest in medicine, political corruption and conflicts of interest to take note of all that has been written on the subject. In particular I find the weak defence of Roche by Roche to be extremely limp.

The way in which a drug company made billions by flogging a pretty ineffective drug 'Tamiflu' based on the misrepresentation of trial data that was never fully released and certainly never subjected to the rigor of a peer review is very very dodgy indeed. It demonstrates just how the full and real scientific evidence is never properly out in the open and how the system is so very open to manipulation in the name of profits against the interests of patients. This is not just the sale of overpriced mineral water for profit, it is the sale of an expensive and ineffective drug that has some rare but serious side effects. Roche and the world of big Pharma have a lot more to do before they can come anywhere near a pretence of honesty, they should be deeply ashamed of themselves in my opinion.


dearieme said...

"the rigor of a peer review": how odd that they've not got that fixed, the way the Climate "Scientists" have.

1979gooner said...
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Garth Marenghi said...

good point,

the science of the climate has been lost in a bog of political corruption,

the process of peer review is obviously very open to problems, when scientific research is only financed when certain results are found then things become skewed in a rather leading manner and objectivity is completely lost

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