Thursday, 24 January 2008

Links grow stronger

Following the news that Patricia Hewitt is to cash in on her inside knowledge of DoH and government machinations with an advisory role at Boots, it appears that there is yet another example of just how close the links are between the Department of Health and the network of big health care corporations that are currently feasting on tax payer's cash. Ramsay Health Uk are a private group with significant interests in the NHS:

"Ramsay Health Care UK runs one of the largest Wave One Independent Sector Treatment Centre contracts on behalf of the NHS, which saw the development of nine new NHS treatment centres from Cornwall to Newcastle. In 2007 Ramsay were also awarded a large Wave Two contract to provide elective surgery to NHS patients in Cumbria and Lancashire. Ramsay also offers NHS services at their 21 acute hospitals as members of the Department of Health’s Extended Choice Network."

It turns out that yet another person with experience of working at the DoH is being employed for their insider knowledge, Ramsay Health even admit this openly:

"Dr Peskett joins Ramsay from the Department of Health’s Commercial Directorate where she is currently Deputy Medical Director, on secondment from Keele University since September 2006.

Jane Cameron, Director of Clinical Services for Ramsay Health Care UK, said: “I am
delighted that Dr Peskett will be joining us to help continue our excellent record of clinical governance across our UK operations. As our NHS services continue to grow, Dr Peskett’s experience at the Department of Health will be a great asset to our company.” "
The government thinks that these kind of cosy arrangements will result in better value for money for the tax payer and better services. I think not.


Dr Sharon Mengele said...

Shame its not Gordon Ramsey HealthCare. Could spin off into a TV program "Hells Hospitals" with lots of swearing and hospital bosses being shouted at and told they are wankers. Gordon could go around the wards and throw out all the paperwork and protocols.

Garth Marenghi said...

Now that I would watch!

Gordon would probably be good at telling the managers and there managerspeek to f*ck off