Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Junior doctors deserve no rights

According to this 'consultation' document from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills the rights of junior doctors are to be completely ignored yet again; apparently medical deaneries, the bodies that are responsible for the recruitment and training programme of junior doctors to NHS Employers, should be 'exempt' from employment agency legislation.

It begs the question, why should deaneries be exempt from employment agency legislation when they are effectively acting as employment agencies? It is a bit like saying that one particular murderer doesn't have to be prosecuted because the law doesn't apply to him like everyone else. The pathetic justification for this is:

"This is based on evidence that the potential consequences could be to seriously hinder the recruitment and training arrangements of junior doctors with a subsequent impact upon both cost and staffing for the NHS"

This is a disgrace to put it mildly. The government are effectively saying that they want to treat junior doctors as subumans because this way it is cheaper and easier to fill the jobs up. If sticking within the law is so hard for deaneries and the government then they should take a long hard look at the shabby and substandard way in which they treat junior doctors, shepherding them around like cattle and not giving a minute's thought that they may be entitled to lives and rights like other human beings.

At least the BMA will stand up for the junior doctors, right? No, wrong, the BMA have met with the Department of Health to discuss treating junior doctors like slaves and they are to draw up a completely toothless code of conduct that deaneries will just ignore because it's not the law. Interestingly Remedy were not invited to this 'discussion forum', strange that. So much for all humans being equal, it seems in the eyes of the government junior doctors do not deserve the necessary protection of the law when seeking employment, it is just too costly to treat them as humans.


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