Tuesday, 10 November 2009

PCT deprives NHS of cash to to council's job

I read this story in the newspaper that demonstrates how completely stupid those in charge of alot of the NHS' cash are, the Mail covered this story of Durham and Darlington Primary Care Trust (PCT)'s decision's to spend 1 million pounds of NHS money on gritting the county's roads.

"This money will be spent in a variety of ways but, in particular, on gritting extra paths and pavements which will result in improving the quality of life for the elderly who often fall and fracture bones in icy weather. It will also go towards additional road gritting as road traffic accidents have a major health impact and often cause death or lifelong disability for the individuals involved."

This is the logic of a fool. By this logic PCTs could spend money on filling in pot holes, repairing roads, checking vehicle safety, renovating old buildings, improving playgrounds, arresting dangerous criminals, policing the roads, collecting rubbish et aliter. Many other areas of policy can affect health, but this does not mean they should be funded directly with NHS money. This is plain barking mad.

As hospitals are being starved of cash by PCTs, because the uneducated morons in charge of the PCT's funds decide to fritter away money on non-health related issues and on health related schemes that have sod all good evidence to back them up, we see the banks continue to be propped up by the government because they cannot be seen to fail. Why can hospitals be seen to fail because PCTs are wasting all the money they need to provide decent local services for local people?

It has been many years in the making, but the way in which the most educated and knowledgeable are not involved in deciding where NHS funds should be allocated is a national scandal. Epidemiologists and Public Health specialists are now routinely uninvolved, while empowered general managers with no understanding of medicine in tandem with a sprinkling of uneducated idiots are literally pouring petrol on this bonfire of tax payer's cash.

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GrumpyRN said...

They have got to be taking the p*ss!
Time for a local election and get someone in who thinks this is wrong and that NHS money should be spent on the NHS and local taxation money should be spent on local problems.
Oh dear God I despair sometimes at the stupidity that abounds in this country!