Sunday, 27 December 2009

The waste is as a result of privatisation

As I slowly recover from recent purulent events it appears that the NHS does not stay far away from the headlines at any time of year. The Telegraph leads with a story which has been championed in these parts on more than one occasion, it is about the rank waste that is going on as the government has fiddled around with the bureaucracy needed for an internal market. Make no mistake this is not the waste of a 'Soviet-style' system, in fact before the internal market was introduced around two decades ago the NHS was very light administration wise.

It is no coincidence that administration costs have proliferated since the government created the internal market and started to privatise a state delivered system. The current system may be state funded but it is increasingly not state delivered, and this means that the increasingly complicated networks of bureaucracy set up in order to stage manage this corrupt network of pseudo-competition are costing more and more and more to run. The actual figures are rather scary, the rise in 50% over four years is nothing short of a national scandal. The fact that the Tories are claiming to be able to cut these costs sound very dubious given that their health policies consist of yet more right wing ideological drivel.

David Cameron has been caught meeting with an ex-nurse with some rather dubious intentions of Nurses For Reform (NFR). NFR have some rather strange ideas and are typical of numerous politically corrupt groups that trot out the same repetitive ideology that is based in fantasy and not reality. Look beneath the surface and NFR are just another part of the political network that consists of the likes the the Adam Smith Institute, Free Market Cure, Libertarian Alliance et al. These people pretend to be acting in the interests of the public, but in reality they are simply vultures representing the interests of various private interests that pay their way. Helen Evans and her kind are the worst kind of politician, they pretend to care when they clearly care for no one but themselves.

The problem is that in the UK at the moment we have no choice between the lame health policies of one party and the lame policies of another. All the major parties are too weak to stand up and do what is right for the public, they are all putty in the hands of the currupt lobbying network that is meant to represent democracy these days. It is refreshing to see President Obama taking this corrupt system on and fighting for the good of the people, it has been no surprise to see that complete lies and vitriol that have been spewed forth by the right wing morons stateside in trying to hold onto their useless rich man's system. State run medicine has its problems, but compared to privatised medicine they are trivial in nature, and despite what some right wing cretins may say there simply is no utopia when it comes to health care or anything else.


Demetrius said...

Back in the 1970's I was on one of the then Area Health Authorities. It is astonishing to look back are think of how much was done with so much less administration and management. This was in the age before IT had really taken off beyond a limited amount of routine stuff. What is scary is that some things then were done so much better than now.

Anonymous said...

Well Fancier - I tend to agree that all potential governments on offer are rubbish as far as health is concerned.

BUT what way forward do you want?

It is going to have to cost a lot less than it does now, and surely most of us would see the recent exponential rise of admin as the place to start.

I always recommend evolution NOT revolution. The NHS should stay that, but a sharp knife will have to be applied to the layers of fat that have been allowed to settle.

Garth Marenghi said...

I agree to chopping away the layers of fat.

In fact one of the best ways of doing this would be to chop away lots of the internal market and commissioning networks.

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